The New RS EnvoyEnvoy is more than a motorhome, it's a work of art, crafted to perfection

Envoy is the ultimate statement, exuding confidence, determination and poise. Every aspect of Envoy is crafted without compromise and is a prominent force on the road, a contemporary masterpiece.

All-New Envoy introduces a new level of refinement as demonstrated by its beautifully handcrafted surfaces. The distinctive stepped roof and feature lines rising towards the rear of the vehicle give it an assertive, recognizable stance that is further enhanced by the front pod above the cab. Sophisticated and refined, All-New Envoy epitomizes the most compelling contemporary British design.



Envoy, designed with both motor racing and touring in mind has ingenious storage spaces throughout, which have been designed and manufactured to exacting specifications.

So, whether your touring around the world or competing at the highest levels of motorsport, Envoy will take you there in style, luxury and safety. Envoy has been designed as a versatile vehicle, one which can match a multitude of applications.


For Wherever your Adventure Takes You

Envoy is designed to accommodate up to 8 occupants in perfect luxury. The vehicle can be manufactured to include sliding walls to further enhance the internal space, providing a truly refined area in which to relax after a day full of adventure.

RS also offer several options including Smart TV’s, Wi-Fi and even game console options, to further enhance the interior that can only be experienced in Envoy.



RS Envoy

Built Without Compromise

Every Envoy that RS constructs, is as individual as the owner and their requirements. It can be built to suit a host of applications from motorsports of all kinds, or adapted to go on a round the world expedition to discover new worlds.

If motorsport is your passion, Envoy can be built with storage space at the rear to house jet skis, quad bikes or even motorbikes and still have enough room for all your spares and tools. If you’re planning an extra-long cross continental excursion, this area could be used to store various levels of equipment.

The absolute pinnacle of luxury is defined in this vehicle, a statement of opulence, refinement and individuality. Envoy is the culmination of years of experience from over 50 highly skilled master craftsmen. It’s state-of-the-art onboard technologies combined with traditional craftsmanship have allowed RS to produce a real gamechanger, a vehicle that has raised the bar in quality and desirability.