The New RS EnvoyEnvoy is more than a motorhome, it's a work of art, crafted to perfection

Enter a beautifully crafted world

They say that attitude starts from within, and Envoy cocoon’s you in an aura of luxury and refinement that can only be found in an RS motorhome.

As you climb aboard, a carpet of light ushers you inside and you instantly know your travelling first class. With the sumptuous leather sofas and premium hand-crafted wood furniture, Envoy is everything to ensure that getting away from it all is a true pleasure.

The interior has been sculptured to exude expansive space and light throughout, from the moment you step inside you’ll be drawn in by the luxurious ambience of the hand-crafted surroundings.


Mechanical Composure

Using Mercedes-Benz mechanicals, the Atego chassis provides exceptional ride comfort along with precise handling to provide the occupants with a smooth and cosseting ride. The driving environment is luxurious and well appointed. The cab seats float on a cushion of air and are fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable driving position can be achieved. The intuitive, clear and informative instrument panel displays the key vehicle data at a glance making Envoy easy to take anywhere.


The RS Envoy is crafted like no other motorhome currently on the market and with cutting edge design, it is a true premium motorhome that offers a patron the ability to see new horizons from an entirely different perspective.

Form, function and exemplary levels of finesse are brought together to help create one of RS’s most compelling vehicles to date. Inside, astute use of space coupled with high quality design and use of premium materials enhance the vehicle’s bold horizontal and vertical lines. The versatility of the cabin is highlighted by the easily configurable layout and plentiful stowage, with clever use of space and refined comfort.



RS Envoy


Built Without Compromise

Every Envoy that RS constructs, is as individual as the owner and their requirements. It can be built to suit a host of applications from motorsports of all kinds, or adapted to go on a round the world expedition to discover new horizons.

The absolute pinnacle of luxury is defined in this vehicle, a statement of pure opulence, refinement and individuality. Envoy is the culmination of years of experience from over 50 highly skilled master craftsmen. It’s state-of-the-art onboard technologies combined with traditional craftsmanship have allowed RS to produce a real gamechanger, a vehicle that has raised the bar in quality and desirability.