The RS Equinox

Our entry level model is the RS Equinox van conversion available on the award winning Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Built to the same high quality and using the same materials as its larger siblings, the Equinox brings together all the traditional qualities and luxury of an RS to the van conversion market. Available in a number of layouts to suite every need, the Equinox prides itself on being top of its class thanks to the market leading base vehicle and incredibly forward thinking interior.

We only use the Mercedes Sprinters for the Equinox, as the Sprinter has carved the way in the van market since 1995. The latest in Sprinter line is no different, with outstanding operational reliability giving you the freedom to concentrate fully on your adventure. No matter where you venture the Sprinter never fails to provide reliability, quality, safety, flexibility, cost effectiveness and sustainability on every terrain and environment.

Coupled with all the performance features, the sprinter also has the potential to deliver a fuel consumption of 40.4mpg giving you the ability to complete those long distance trips with a high efficiency. Other new innovative technologies fitted as standard are things such as crosswind assist which uses strategic braking to counter any drift caused by side winds to help you stay right on course.

The Mercedes Sprinter is the only van in its division to have the characteristics and ability to execute journeys with the performance of a car as the pioneering shifting proficiency of the transmission produces a low consumption from its 2.2 litre Mercedes engine.

The 4x4 Sprinter option is just as good off road as well as on the road. Hostile weather condition and treacherous roads are no challenge for the all new Sprinter. Thanks to it’s on board 4ETS electronic system that automatically distributes braking throughout rough terrain while distributing drive torque to the wheels indicating traction. This new technology delivered from the Sprinter means that no matter where you travel in the world you can be sure that what you are driving is world class.

The story doesn’t end inside the cab either. With next generation telematics, an ergonomically advanced steering wheel and a forward facing design, the cab boasts an environment in which you will not want to leave. This stunning interior with a high-quality design meets the highest standards of functionality, quality and comfort.



From the cab to the rear the Equinox is beautifully upholstered throughout. The Equinox provides a stunning setting in which you can sit and relax in pure comfort and style. Fitted with virtually all of the utilities and conveniences as the larger models the Equinox is made for adventure. The Equinox gives you the freedom to seek out adventure in busy cities or remote hideaways. This versatile and compact conversion can comfortably manage high speed motorways and narrow rural lanes but don’t be fooled by its size because it also comes with an enviable specification.

Measuring 22.7ft (6.94 metres) long and 6.2ft (1.9 metres) wide the Equinox provides everything needed from a vehicle to be driven in the city but also comes with enough technology and storage to be taken off the busy roads into rural environments.



Equinox, C, CL


Fitted as standard with a long wheel base and a high roof the Equinox, Equinox C and the Equinox CL provide generous layouts. The luxurious interior, finished in leather and high quality wood creates the perfect environment for you to enjoy your break from the toil of everyday life.

Indulge youself in the fully fitted shower unit powered by the on board independent heating system. The seamlessly fitted kitchen can cure any hunger as all essential utilities are included at the heart of the Equinox delivering unrivalled comfort.


Equinox MX



Packed with all of the excellent features as the standard Equinox, the MX also comes with an extra-long wheelbase and a super high roof making this the perfect motorhome for any motor sport enthusiasts with almost unlimited storage at your disposal the MX makes any activity possible. With a double bed at the rear above a 2.1m garage situated behind a gorgeous living space the MX really is the perfect sport utility vehicle. As well as an impressive rear garage the Sprinter comes with additional features to enhance your pleasure on and off the open road.

The MX is fully equipped to embark on adventures from a weekend away to long distance touring. Combined with the driving power behind the Equinox, this luxury van conversion has soon established itself to be a fine example of a superior model.





The strength of this unmistakable motorhome is hidden away at the rear of the vehicle. The garage/workshop space at the back that measures a staggering 2.1 meters in depth and 1.3 meters high, is the perfect answer to stowing and transporting heavy sporting equipment. Innovative storage solutions like this are constantly evolving at RS Motorhomes providing unbeatable support that you can count on.

The Equinox MX is a game changer for families and motorsport enthusiasts that thought a motorhome with an extremely large storage space was out of their reach. The Equinox combines style, comfort and practicality with a desire for adventure.















The Equinox takes satisfaction to a new level as it delivers the technology you love at home, anywhere in the world. Why not take advantage of our media packs providing unparalleled convenience and pleasure whilst on the road.

The combination of the digital TV and Sky dome satellite means that the Equinox gives you the power to catch all your favourite shows on the move. The option for a surround sound system delivering compelling audio quality is the finest finishing touch.






Designed and manufactured by RS Motorhomes, The Equinox Black Edition is the latest addition to the RS fleet boasting impressive capabilities and impeccable styling. An unbeatable machine with profound aesthetics to redefine the sporting motorhome. Taking its inspiration from the motocross & track day utility vehicle, the Black offers an exciting vehicle tailored for those who wish to experience more.

A brand new RS but with the same DNA as all of the other models elevated to the next level. The Mercedes Sprinter 316 delivers a world class performance every time, which enhances the Black’s capabilities even further. Added to which comes the abundance of technologies and conveniences we have added to this already market leading vehicle.

The Black displays a solid & muscular stance with a hint of glamour which is immediately apparent with the aggressive bodywork and 18” black Wolfrace Renaissance alloy wheels. Luxury inside this vehicle offers breathtaking style and function designed to give even the keenest of motorhomers everything they desire.

Beyond the door lies an ultra-stylish cab and living area that has been designed with the user in mind using only exquisite furniture timbers. The seats are expertly upholstered in a flourish of super sport black leather – with carefully embroidered striking red piping for that ultra-sporty flair & of course RS’s signature diamond quilting. We’ve given the Black’s furniture a superior finish from the Carbon Ash panels encasing the jet black door panels coupled with simply beautiful silver handles and trim. The furniture is elegantly placed into a world of utter style and luxury. Lined with gun metal grey fabric walls, the Black offers a place like no other transporting aesthetics and luxury to a whole new world.

The Black never fails to express impeccable attention to detail. The finishing touch to this redesigned interior is the subtle glow of the internal LED lighting which illuminates the van beautifully like fireworks in a midnight sky.



The Black offers complete exclusivity whilst staying true to its motorhome heritage. Always ready to accommodate any size of sporting equipment or luggage in the 5400-litre garage. Intelligent functionality doesn’t stop inside the workshop as above houses an extremely space efficient bedroom made possible thanks to the super long wheelbase and extra high roof which comes as standard. With an additional towing capacity of 2 tonnes the black pushes the limits of what can be achieved from a motorhome, no matter how extreme or demanding the activity.



Since the Equinox was launched, RS has been carving the way in the luxury van conversion market setting new standards for performance, quality & luxury whilst being able to withstand the most extreme conditions.

The 2.2L, 4 cylinder engine provides 156bhp whilst still achieving the Euro 6 emissions standard. Intelligent and efficient technology drives the Black forward into future motorhome markets. The Black also boasts all of the technological solutions as standard that you would expect to find in a high market van such as ABS, Air conditioning, cruise control, automatic gearbox is just a sample of what this vehicle provides.

A talented ability allied with unprecedented handling and ride comfort lets you experience the four corners of the world both on road and off road, whatever the terrain. Whether are you are grazing on a rainy race track in the winter or exploring the narrow cobbled streets of a seaside town in the South of France, the Black will always deliver.

Using our world class resources and applying our absolute attention to detail and quality we have manufactured another luxury motorhome designed for those who share our passion for experiencing more. Balancing performance, luxury and a hunger for adventure, the Black Edition is truly a next generation van conversion.

The Black is the most exclusive and highly prized van conversion on the market today. Bringing unmatched levels of exclusivity and an intense performance to those who desire to drive something more than a Motorhome.

Although the Black Edition is a brand new vehicle, the classic RS quality and design is immediately apparent. No other motorhome combines Mercedes-Benz performance with such a taste for luxury and adventure. Sit behind the wheel of the Black and you will know why this motorhome the best of the best.