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Being a ‘modern nomad’ in your motorhome has its pleasant perks. Not only do you move with all your assets with you but you also get to tour UK and discover interesting things most homeowners wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, here are 10 places to take your motorhome in the UK and enjoy the sceneries.


Hillhead Motorhome and Campsite

Hillhead Motorhome is definitely the place to be with your family. It’s a serene caravan site with plenty of space for several motorhomes to fit. Additional perks including an in-house swimming pool and the club house where your kids can play some board or video games while you enjoy a cold glass of wine at the Bar with your spice.



The Bryher Caravan Site

The Bryherexpanse comprise of hills, islands, and the dreamy blue sea. You can build several sand castles at Green Bay or go snorkelling at Rushy Bay. There is plenty of space to set camp and fry your fish or sausages while enjoying the lovely view of the sea. Facilities in the area include toilet, shower areas with basins provided, washing machines, tumbler and hair dryers.



Abbey Wood Caravan Site

If you live in London, this exquisite campsite is just on the outskirts of town. The green grasses and many trees give the place a rustic rural feel, and the quietness you need away from the city.

Several motorhomes gather here all year and it’s a perfect chance to make new friendships or rekindle old ones. A perk within the area is the closeness to Greenwich town where you can get a boat ride to the main city and back for supplies.



Ayr Holiday Caravan Site

This one is located right next to St Ives resort, so you can imagine sharing the lovely view of Porthmeor Beach. Also adjacent to this camping site is a rustic fishing port with Cornish fishermen going about their daily jobs. It’s the right place to bring your surf boards or play in the game rooms.



Bay View Farm

Nothing beats the breath-taking landscape views you can get at Bay View Farm. You will locate this caravan site when you drive to Cornwall city in your motorhome. Once you pitch the tent, look around and you will see St. Georges Island, Hanner Fore and West Looe. Amenities within the caravan site include electric hook-ups, hot showers, camping snugs, wooden shelters, and Wi-Fi so you can make your friends Jealous with the fresh Facebook uploads.



Burnbakes Caravan Site

If you have children with bicycles or tricycles, there is plenty of riding space at Burnbakes campsite. Even better, you can bring your own bike as well and have a lovely family time riding through the woods. Leave your motorhome packed at the site and peddle through the forest to discover nearby attractions like Corfe Castle.



The Lower Micklin Campsite

You will be close to the Alton Towers in case you want to go looking for adventure. There are 15 slots to pitch tents in the area and recently they made some decent renovations. Inclusive of the camping slot, visitors will also get access to the family toilets and bathrooms, washing basins as well as the changing unit for kids.



Treveague Farm

The Treveague Farm is another cool place with a breathtaking view of the south-west peninsula sea. There are coastal footpaths within the area to take a stroll in as you visit the Gorran Haven village with plenty of amenities and the local fishermen won’t mind making new friends.



Hawkshead Caravan Site

The landscapes resemble a scene from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie—picturesque, majestic and serene all in one place. Activities to indulge in include horse rides, bicycles for hire, tree-topping, boat rides or get some professional landscape images.



Ardnamurchan Caravan Site

You may have to manoeuver your motorhome through treacherous terrains before getting to the site. But once you are there, the view is bliss and fellow campers warm and friendly. Ardnamurchan is located in the most western part of UK with splendid views of the coastline laced with the music of golden eagles and otters.



In any given season (except winter if you may) these are the 10 places to take your motorhome in the UK. Most of them offer excellent amenities and the chance to reconnect with nature and its serenity.

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