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The world is full of myths and the ones about motorhomes are pretty heavy!


Myth 1 – A Motorhome is Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about motorhomes is that they are expensive. However, this is not the case, especially when you consider that they comprise fully self-contained accommodation combined with a powerful engine and chassis. Motorhomes are surprisingly affordable, and there is a wide range that caters for every budget.

When you invest in a motorhome, you get a vehicle complete with lounge, kitchenette, white goods, dining area, bathroom and flexible sleeping areas. Most can be customised to your exact specifications for general use or bespoke projects. A large model such as the RS Evolution or RS Endeavour boasts leather upholstery, full size kitchen and bathroom appliances and a full size double bed. Discover the RS Evolution, which can accommodate up to eight occupants. With a motorhome, the key point is value, as you certainly get a lot for your money.



Myth 2 – Motorhomes Have High Maintenance Costs

Many people believe that there are high maintenance costs associated with owning a motorhome. On the contrary, motorhomes are robust vehicles that last years and years when maintained properly. Additionally, insurance is competitively priced.

Myth 3 – Motorhomes are Petrol-Guzzlers

It is often assumed that because of their size, motorhomes don’t have great rates of fuel consumption. Most motorhomes have powerful diesel engines that are designed with fuel economy in mind. Obviously, the bigger the motorhome, the higher the fuel costs, but by maintaining your vehicle and driving at the optimum speed, a motorhome can be driven at a consistent and economic rate of fuel consumption.


Myth 4 – It’s Cheaper to Holiday in a Hotel than a Motorhome

Expense-related myths are some of the most common misconceptions about motorhomes, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people think a motorhome holiday is more expensive than staying in a hotel. Depending on the size of your party, hotel accommodation can be very costly, with a UK hotel room costing around £100, and averaging £130 in the capital. And that’s not to mention the travel costs and catering expenses. While motorhome holidaymakers may have other costs to consider, such as site fees and utility connections, these tend to be low, nominal costs. Savvy travellers can even find discounts by joining specialist clubs. Catering expenses are kept to a minimum with motorhome holidaying. Instead of having to pay for hotel or restaurant meals, raw ingredients can be bought cheaply and food prepared in the comfort of the on-board kitchenette.



Myth 5 – Cooking in a Motorhome is Difficult

Myth 4 leads us nicely onto the myth that cooking is difficult in the confines of a motorhome. It is probable that those who are worried about this myth have not been inside a modern motorhome, nearly all of which come equipped with a decent-sized cooker, microwave, fridge, freezer and utensils. The facilities of a modern motorhome are more than adequate to allow for the easy preparation and cooking of whatever you’d eat at home. In fact, models like the RS Evolution and RS Endeavour come with such well-equipped and sizeable kitchens that you’ll feel like you’re cooking in a house!

Myth 6 – Driving and Parking a Motorhome is Tricky

A motorhome is obviously bigger than a standard family vehicle, and as such, many believe the myth that driving and parking a motorhome is difficult. With the wonders of modern technology, however, this myth is completely busted. Most motorhomes have features including broad view mirrors, reversing cameras and parking sensors that make manoeuvring and parking a motorhome just as easy as driving a car. It should be noted that while smaller motorhomes can often be driven with a regular driving licence, for larger models you may need to take a test to upgrade your licence.

Myth 7 – A Motorhome Limits Where You Can Go

One of the stranger motorhome myths is that they limit where you can go on your holidays. Although it’s true you may not want to take your motorhome along a particularly narrow windy road, motorhomes enable an unrivalled level of freedom. For those who like to embark on bespoke projects during their holidays, a motorhome is the perfect vehicle in which to travel and experience the world.


Myth 8 – The Ten Year Rule

It is sometimes rumoured that holiday sites and parks for motorhomes stipulate a “ten year rule” banning vehicles over ten years old. Fortunately, although this myth is founded on some truth, it is very rare to see this rule these days. Modern motorhomes are built with durability in mind, and because of this, there is no such ruling in the majority of holiday parks.



 Myth 9 – Motorhomes are Targeted by Fuel Thieves

While it’s true that motorhomes have sizeable fuel tanks to enable long excursions, it really is only a myth that you’ll wake up to find your fuel stolen! It may have been a rare occurrence in the past, but it’s highly unlikely to happen with modern motorhomes, and there is even less risk when staying in holiday parks.

Myth 10 – Motorhomes Fall Victim to Vandals

Occasionally, you might hear the myth that motorhomes are subject to vandalism like graffiti. Although this may happen on very rare occasions to the odd unlucky motorhome owner, it is certainly not commonplace, and is more myth than reality.

Myth 11 – Motorhome Owners Get Attacked in Rest Areas

One urban legend is that if you park your motorhome in a rest area – as opposed to a holiday site – you’ll get attacked in the night by thieves. This is most definitely a myth, as most robbers look for easier thefts like an unlocked bicycle, not a TV or other valuable in a secure motorhome.

Myth 12 – Motorhomes are Targets for Drug Traffickers

One of the most amusing crime myths is that motorhomes are targeted by drug smugglers! The story goes that drugs are stashed in storage bays or other hidden places when you’re not looking, the traffickers somehow know where you’re going and retrieve the package when you’ve reached your destination. This one’s a hundred percent myth.



Myth 13 – Motorhomes are Only for Old People

You might hear this myth when talking about your plans for a new motorhome. But the myth that motorhomes are only for retired folks is just that – a complete myth! While there are plenty of older motorhome owners in the world, many are young families, couples and even individuals who enjoy the numerous benefits of motorhome ownership. Motorhomes are a great solution for pet owners, and for those embarking on bespoke projects on their travels.

Myth 14 - Motorhomes Aren't Child-Friendly

Another myth you might hear is that motorhomes aren’t suitable for children. In fact, motorhomes are one of the best holidaying options for families with kids. Not only can they bring their favourite toys and bedding, but there aren’t any neighbours to disturb!


Myth 15 – Motorhomes Aren’t Comfortable

Maybe the folks who started this rumour have never seen a modern motorhome, but whatever the reason, this one’s definitely a myth. Modern motorhomes, like the RS Evolution and the RS Endeavour, are so well furnished and equipped that they’re a home from home. So let this one roll off your back while you relax on your comfy sofa or in your full-size double bed.



Myth 16 – Holiday Parks are Noisy

The myth that holiday parks are noisy probably originates from people who have never stayed in one before. On the contrary, the majority of holiday sites are filled with like-minded, considerate holidaymakers who respect their campsite neighbours. Many are never full to the brim and most motorhome owners find holiday parks to be the quietest places they’ve ever holidayed.

Myth 17 – There’s Nothing to do on Motorhome Holidays

Perhaps the truth of this myth depends on the type of person you are. But the chances are, if you own, or are thinking of buying a motorhome, part of the “doing” is in the journey itself. Motorhome owners have the freedom to drive to one spot, or go on bespoke projects like road trips, taking in as many destinations as they choose en route. When parked up, motorhome holidaymakers can indulge in local pursuits, bespoke projects or simply relax – just like on any other type of holiday.

Myth 18 – There’s no Privacy in a Motorhome

A common misconception is that occupants of a motorhome don’t have any privacy. Modern motorhomes make the best possible use of space and privacy is an important consideration in the design. Therefore motorhome holidaymakers can enjoy features like partitioned living areas, separate bathrooms and plenty of curtains that mean you don’t have to share every moment with your fellow passengers or the outside world. 



Myth 19 – Cruise Control is deadly

There are a few myths revolving around the dangers of using the cruise control function in motorhomes. One such myth is that a man left the driver’s seat and went into the back to make a cup of coffee, having engaged the cruise control. The myth goes that he went on to successfully sue the motorhome manufacturer. Cruise control myths are just that – myths! Use cruise control as you should and no harm will come to you or your motorhome.

Myth 20 – Motorhome Owners are Unfriendly

Who knows where this myth came from, but it’s certainly not true. Motorhome owners are a mixture of young and old, and most will share your approach to holidaying. As such, you’re likely to meet a great bunch of friendly people while out and about in your motorhome.


Here it is 20 myths busted! Don't hesitate to comment if you think we've forgotten some.

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