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Reading stimulates the brain and is a wonderful hobby to take up. If you have a good book around then you’ll be able to lose yourself in the captivating storyline and also escape the present moment, thereby allowing the tension to drain away and helping you relax.

There is not a better time start reading than when travelling for a long time, especially with a motorhome. Sometimes the length of the journey can make it boring, which is why you need to arm yourself with good books so that the journey towards your destination can be equally enjoyable!

Here’s our Top 5

1) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

It is only apt that you read an adventure story when you’re traveling by your motorhome. This bestseller by Paulo Coelho is simply a class apart. It is all about Santiago who has recurring dreams of becoming prophetic and finding a treasure within the depths of pyramids in Egypt. The book teaches an important life lesson: it is important to chase your dreams and not give up on them. Feel inspired by this wonderful book whilst journeying with Santiago on his quest.



2) The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

You have always travelled and witnessed things through your eyes. Do you want to know what it feels like to travel through the eyes of a dog? This book explores just that. The protagonist, Buck, is a sled-dog in Yukon during the nineteenth century. The book takes the reader through the adventures of Buck in a tough desolate landscape in Canada. The poetic descriptions of the place evoke a thousand emotions and makes the book a great read.



3) Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.

Books are great because they teach us lessons of a lifetime and pulls us into the lives of people who we might never get the chance to meet. This beautiful story by Mortenson is about a mountain climber losing his way in K2’s dangerous slopes. Go up to the sofa in your motorhome, curl up with this book and watch those mornings turn into nights in the blink of an eye! The highly gripping story of the mountain climber and how he undergoes a huge transformation and becomes an aid-worker is a must-read!


4) The Music of Chance by Paul Auster.

Yet another wonderful book to curl up with when travelling in your motorhome. The book is about travelling across the great country of America but has a modern spin to it which makes it unique. The protagonist, Jim Nashe, who is on an American road trip, is happy only when he has nothing. The interesting plot definitely brings solace to travellers. 


5) Vagabonding – An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts.

it is evident from the book cover itself that this is a gem for newbies and those who have very less experience in vagabonding. The inspirational book guides readers on how to plan for such trip and has detailed imagery of life on the road. The author knows what he is talking about as he has 10 years’ experience on the road and through this book he shares his valuable insights with readers.


Ready to read these fabulous books when travelling to even more fabulous destinations in your motorhome? Click here to select a motorhome and get started on your own adventure and journey!



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