August 30, 2016 at 10:47 AM

Everyone enjoys their motorhome vacation differently, we know that. For example, when it's sunny, some prefer to stay in their vehicle with the aircon on, while others grab the chance and plan a barbeque right outside of their motorhome, becoming the centre of attention to the rest vacationers.

As you can understand, we all need those extra bits of joy when vacating, but sometimes we are not prepared to take advantage of those when the chance appears. 

For this, we have created a list of the 5 most essential accessories you need to have with you (unless already provided by the motorhome) that could add a little extra joy to your already amazing experience. 


1) Collapsible outdoor furniture

The whole point of being in the great outdoors is to spend some quality time outdoors. 

Enjoy the sunshine on your face, the grass between your toes. You'll want somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy that. 

You definitely have to make sure and bring portable seating. A few chairs to sit down and relax in is a good idea. Comfortable, lightweight and compact is the way to go.


2) Battery operated lighting

Be proactive and bring battery operated lighting with you. There might not be street lights where you're going. Make sure to bring a lantern, or two if you want to enjoy the stars at night. 

Just because the sun is setting, doesn't mean you have to sit in the dark, or inside your motorhome. You can still enjoy the outdoors as you can find a wide range of portable battery operated lanterns. 

We recommend that having a LED light is the best way to go. With bright light and many hours of battery life, you'll never find yourself fumbling in the dark.


3) Satellite navigation system

Navigating through unknown roads can be both fun and scary. Knowing where you are located at any time, is one of the best-helping pair of hands you can have when travelling. 

Not only you are aware of your location, in comparison to the rest of the world, but also you get feedback about important information such as the location of your next stop, how far away it is, how long will it take you to get there, if there are any road accidents, or even be aware of where the next petrol stop is and how far you are from that. 

If your motorhome does not have such a system pre-installed, you definitely need to have one with you. In all seriousness, this could save your life. 


4) Motorhome awning or gazebo

If not already included in the vehicle, motorhome awnings and gazebos are some other things you definitely need to have with you, especially if you know that it's going to be sunny (or rainy). 

Sitting outside doesn't mean that you have to sit under the hot sun, or, in order to enjoy the rain you'd have to sit inside your motorhome. You can enjoy both the sun and rain by sitting under your gazebo or your motorhome's awning.

A motorhome awning or a portable, collapsible gazebo are quick and easy to put up. While everyone likes the sunshine, a break in the shade is always recommended.


5) Barbeque

We know that most motorhomes are equipped with a kitchenette, but isn't it nice to have a barbeque dinner every now and then? If you are a nature lover, this thing was made for you. 

Also, don't forget that barbequing is a good solution for not heating up the interior of your motorhome on really hot days.

Bring a portable barbeque or a grill to put over a fire and take that extra heat outside. 

Nothing beats some grilled vegetables or a nice piece of meat cooked over an open flame. 

It both smells and tastes delicious. Yummy. 


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