September 20, 2016 at 10:54 AM

Holidays are all about relaxation and recuperation, and it is a well-known fact that owning a pet significantly decreases feelings of depression and anxiety. That is why more and more Motorhome tourists are bringing the family pet along for vacations.

Below are 7 terrific tips for a happy Motorhome holiday with your pet.


1) Get your pet accustomed

Get your animal companion comfortable to the Motorhome by giving them an opportunity to explore and get to know the vehicle. You could accelerate the process by putting something your pet owns (such as blankets or toys, preferably both) in the Motorhome. The smells will remind them of home and help them to adjust.


2) Make sure your pet is travel-friendly

Before you take off with your pet, it might pay to practice taking them in the car in the lead up to your trip. This will allow you to gauge how comfortable your pet is with travelling, and if need be, give you ample time to create a solution to any discomforts they may have.


3) Check-in with your local Vet

Having the knowledge that your pet is not only comfortable but also fit and healthy will help put you at ease, and in turn, make the holiday that much more enjoyable.


4) Pack for your pet

Just like you would yourself, pack some things for your pet to take away. A collar, leash, poo bags, treats, and warm blankets would be a great start. You may even consider bringing a towel or two, in the case of rain or an impulsive swim.


5) Call ahead

Save yourself a headache and reach out to venues you wish to visit. If the venues you are looking for are not pet-friendly, you will have avoided the hassle of trying to find a place at a moment's notice. If they are pet-friendly, all the better.


6) Be considerate of your pet's needs

Have plenty of water with you, take walks and have meals which are vital to keeping a pet satisfied.

Furthermore, your pet may get frustrated during long periods of stasis. Pull over, get out, and let everyone stretch their legs every 1-2 hours.


7) Enjoy!

Now that you know the best tips to having a stress-free time away with your pet, all that remains is to have a safe and happy trip.


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