January 28, 2016 at 9:58 AM

Driving a motorhome can be really fun! And for many people, it quickly escalates from a hobby to a lifestyle. If you're looking for the right present for a motorhome owner, this article will give you some great ideas… including several novelties that you probably haven't heard about before.

BioLite Camp Stove

This unique gadget doubles as a smokeless camp fire and phone charger. You just have to put some sticks in the deposit to get it going, and as soon as it's burning the device starts converting heat into electric energy, which is stored in the included battery. This energy can later be used to charge just about any device, from smartphones to LED lights and many other gadgets.


Portable LED flashlights

This is something that all serious motorhome travelers will keep at hand, but it's also the kind of item that's prone to breaking or losing. So why not offer a backup LED flashlight? Even if no emergencies happen to arise, it's always useful having an extra light at hand for reading.


Handpress Portable Espresso

For those campers who refuse to let go of a little pampering, this portable espresso machine should be suitable. They just have to put some hot water in the mechanism along with ground coffee, then generate some power by pumping the device (similar to a bicycle pump), and they will enjoy a genuine espresso in the great outdoors.


Portable Vacuum Cleaner

It's always a great thing to keep one around in a motorhome. There are some very practical models that will recharge the battery through the vehicle's lighter, and it will make a world of difference in keeping the mess under control, when out on the road.


Multi-cable USB adapter

A set of multi-cable USB adapters is one of those things that all drivers should keep in their car, for recharging or connecting assorted electronic devices, no matter what the specification. Even if your friend already owns one of these you can't go wrong offering a second set since it's bound to be useful out on the road where wall sockets are scarce.



A healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with roaming the countryside… so why not offer a mini juicer that can be connected to the caravan's power grid? It will have lots of useful applications, especially when cruising through rural areas where organic fruits and vegetables can be purchased anywhere.



This may seem like the kind of gift that has become redundant in this age of smartphones, but it's a neat item that doesn't take up room and is bound to be useful sooner or later. A good compass adds that "traveler's choice" elegance to a motorhome, and it will help your friends to always find the way back home.



Another traditional piece of traveler's kit whose usefulness has stood the test of time. Binoculars are a great item to carry around in a motorhome cabin, so if your friends don't have a good set, this could be a great idea for a gift.



Did you find any good ideas on this list? Do you know of other novelties that would make a great gift for motorhome owners? Feel free to share your opinion with us by writing comments below.

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