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When you’re new to motorhome travel you’ll find a bewildering array of advice. Here are 8 suggestions you shouldn’t follow.


1. Buy the biggest motorhome you can afford.

There is no simpler way to put yourself off motorhome adventure than taking on a vehicle that’s too big. Start with a smaller vehicle which will be easier to handle and will build your confidence. You’ll learn so much along the way, including what is important to you and what you can live without.


2. Motorhome travel requires very little preparation.

To get the most out of your trip you should carefully plan the main details. It will save time and frustration later on down the road if you already know where you will be staying, you’ve made reservations, the most interesting route has been planned and you’ve identified the sightseeing detours you want to make.


3. Pack as much as you can.

Although it’s good to have a few home comforts, travelling light is the way to go. It’s much easier to live in a clutter-free space than to struggle to locate things among piles of possessions. Food can be bought on the trip and once you’re out there having adventures you’ll be surprised at how little you need.


4. You don't need a special GPS. 

You do. Ordinary GPS routes may not be suitable for bigger heavier vehicles so it’s essential to have a route planner suitable for a motorhome.


5. You can stop anywhere you like overnight.

While many places do welcome RVs, some have signs prohibiting overnight stays so double check before you get comfortable. In the UK check out the Nightstop Scheme run jointly by Practical Motorhome magazine and The Motor Caravanners’ Club. Sites bearing their logo usually offer fresh water and sewerage disposal.


6. You can pack up and leave in a moment.

It pays to be careful in your leaving routine. As well as stowing everything safely before setting off double check that you have unhooked everything. If you drive away while still connected to the electricity supply you can cause serious damage.


7. You don't have to worry abought neighbours.

Campervan etiquette dictates that you should arrive and leave as quietly as you can. And try not to walk too near your neighbours’ windows. While fellow travellers in the RV community tend to be friendly and welcoming it’s always polite to give people as much space as possible.


8. Don't worry about documenting your trip.

While it’s good to enjoy the moment on a motorhome adventure it’s easy and beneficial to take photos. They will enhance your memories and remind you of enchanting little details that might otherwise be forgotten. When visiting a new place it’s a good tip to take a photo of the town or village name on a sign. Then when you are trying to recall that wonderful place with views up the coast and a romantic bistro on the seafront you can easily look it up.



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