February 28, 2017 at 11:24 AM

Are you intimidated by the thought of driving a motorhome? If the answer is yes, then we want to reassure you that with a little practice and newly acquired skills, that you'll be handling that motorhome with ease. Driving a motorhome is different to driving a car, and so below we offer some hints and tips that will help you feel confident behind the wheel. 


It's a good idea to prepare yourself for driving your motorhome, especially for the first time. Remember the importance of your side mirrors, and ensure that they are adjusted to give you the best possible view. Using a rear camera is also useful when driving such a large and long vehicle. It is also a good idea to adjust the driver's seat so that you feel comfortable and acquaint yourself with all of the gadgets that are onboard. 

Remember the height

One of the big differences when driving a motorhome is the height of the vehicle. You need to bear this in mind when planning routes that incorporate tunnels and bridges. Be sure to know the clearance of your motorhome before you leave home, and you will be fine. 

Parking your motorhome

When you need to park, you should carefully consider the best parking space. Is there enough clearance? Can you clearly see all hazards? If you have someone with you, get them to check the space and help to guide the motorhome into that space. 

If space looks difficult to manoeuvre into, then don't attempt to park there and find another spot. The golden rule when parking is to use your side mirrors. 

When driving in high winds

Driving any long and high vehicle can be a little daunting in high winds. If you do find yourself on an exposed road in very high winds then you must slow down and drive at a reduced speed, so that you can control the vehicle. If the winds become very strong, then it is best that you find a safe place to pull over and wait for the storm to pass. 

When you need to turn those steep corners

One of the biggest worries for new motorhome drivers is driving in built up areas where you need to take steep comers. The main thing to remember is that as a driver, you are placed way ahead of the front wheel and so need to advance out into the road, before making the turn. The main things to remember are to be aware of the vehicles surrounding you, signal well in advance before turning, stop and check the clearance before turning and do so slowly. 

So, to conclude, motorhomes are easy to drive once you have the necessary skills and knowledge. Go for a practice drive with a friend to build up your confidence. Be safe and happy driving!


 Are motorhomes easy to drive?

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