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Before buying a motorhome, it is important that you have all the facts. First, you need the right driving licence, and the vehicle you purchase has to meet the size limit requirements set by the UK. Here is all the information you need to know if you are eligible to drive a motorhome.


Driving Licence

Two things will affect the type of licence you need. The first thing is your age, and the second is the motorhomes MAM (maximum authorised mass). The MAM tells you the weight of your motorhome and the maximum load that it can transport. Different vehicle MAMs require different licence categories. For instance, a MAM that falls between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes calls for a category 1 driving licence while a motorhome with a MAM of over 7.5 tonnes needs a category C+E licence. To drive the vehicles that are under 3.5 tonnes, then category B license should suffice.

As for the age restrictions, any drivers that took their driving tests before 1997 and have a category licence are allowed to drive motorhomes that weigh up to 7.5 tonnes. If this same driver is over the age of 70 and still wishes to keep driving, then they are required to take an eye test and a medical examination.

They can renew their application to drive a motorhome over 3.5 tonnes. Those drivers that took their tests after January 1st 1997 are allowed to drive a motorhome up to 3.5 tonnes on a category B license. Those that wish to drive a vehicle with a Mam of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes have to take another driving test and obtain a category 1 licence.


Before you Import a Motorhome

To import a motorhome into the UK, you need to have it registered. Since this country restricts the sizes of its motorhomes, you need to import one that is at most 12 metres long and 2.55 metres wide.

These are just measurements of the vehicle's body, meaning that they do not include the lamps, the mirrors, the reflectors, and the bumpers. As for the height, there is no legal limit, but getting one that is 3 metres or higher will require you to get an accompanying notice showing the exact height that this motorhome can be seen by the driver.


Motorhome Vehicle Laws

These restrictions will remain the same for a long time to come, so if you wish to get a motorhome, you would do well to adhere to them. The sellers and suppliers of these vehicles are the ones most responsible for making sure that the size and MAM limits are met. In other words, a motorhome that is too long or too wide should not be up for sell in the first place.

As a buyer, it is also your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle you purchase meets the requirements of the law. Satisfying these conditions among others will determine if you are eligible to drive a motorhome.


 Are you Eligible to Drive a Motorhome?

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