October 19, 2016 at 11:30 AM

For all travellers, especially those in Motorhomes, visiting new and exciting places can be some of the best holidays you can experience. 

To make travelling easier there is a great range of navigation apps for smartphones which allow you to navigate to unknown places. 

Having such an ability nowadays is extremely easy. You simply have to download the respective app, plot in your desired destination, and there you have it, the directions towards the locations you wanted. 

In this article, we will be discussing 5 of the best navigation apps that currently exist in the market and are completely free to download. 


1) Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the more popular sat navs which can be downloaded on Android and iOS. Using Google software, the traffic alert system is updated constantly, meaning an accident or congestion will not affect your journey as an alternative route will be offered. 

You can also download maps for offline use which is especially useful for travellers who wish to park somewhere and walk around. Google Maps is free on all devices but does not include camera warnings.

Google Plus 

2) Waze

For those wishing to avoid traffic or those who city drive, Waze is the app for you. Using crowdsourcing technology from other mobile phone users, Waze offers instant and up to date information on traffic for your route. 

The app remembers routes you have taken before and offers alternative routes to save you time stuck in traffic. Waze is free for all users but does not offer cycling routes or offline maps. You can download it here for Android and here for iOS 



3) TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic (Android)/TomTom GO Mobile (iOS)

The TomTom name is synonymous with satellite navigation systems. Already having a great sat-nav system in place, the app makes it even easier to follow with traffic and camera alerts. 

For the Android option, the app is free for 50 miles per month, then comes to £14.99 for a year. The iOS option is £26 basic then £34 extra for the camera and traffic alerts.


4) Maps.Me

This is free and is one of the best offline downloadable maps you can get. The interface is simple and the navigation is very clear. Android users can find the app here, while iOS users here.

It's offline functions are great and include points of interest such as cash machines and petrol stations. This is one of the better apps for those who wish to have a sat-nav, even when out of the vehicle. 


5) Telenav Scout

This app can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows phones. It's free to download but only £7.50 for a lifetime of traffic alerts, it also offers various country packs for added fees. 

The general navigation system is good, not as good as some of the others on offer, however, its integration with Tripadvisor makes this a great app for tourists. 


These are 5 of the best apps you can buy for navigation. Which one you choose depends on how much you wish to spend, what phone you have and what features you desire. 


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