January 17, 2017 at 4:34 PM

Chris & Annie Tossell are keen travellers who have been in most parts of the world with a motorhome. Morocco, France, Germany & Spain are some of the countries he visited with our very own RS Elysian.

Since then, they bought another Elysian, in order to travel to the other side of the Atlantic for a six-month tour in the USA & Canada.

The reasons why they trusted us for the second time is best described on their blog, where Chris mentions the following: When I worked with RS on the design of the previous vehicle […] I felt I had got pretty close to exactly what I wanted. […] With a year long trip in mind and the need to perhaps take more equipment with us both internal and external storage became a higher priority and that has been the underlying theme for the changes we have made.

Chris & Annie’s USA & Canada Trip begins on the 10th of April in 2017.  Along the way, they will be updating us with their experiences and findings. How easy it was for them to travel by motorhome in the US & Canada and what difficulties they faced with shipping or the driving.

Although Chris and Annie will be flying to the USA, the Elysian is going to be shipped there using a ferry from Antwerp to Baltimore. As things currently stand, they will pick the motorhome up by the end of April.

In the upcoming months, we are going to see the two visiting some of the most recognised landmarks and cities the USA & Canada including Route 66, The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Vancouver, Niagara, Boston, Cape Cod, South of New York and Baltimore to complete the plan of travelling from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again.

Trip aside, we are really interested to see how Chris & Anne are going to review our motorhome. We are keen to find out how it will perform against hard/unknown conditions and what would its state be after travelling more than 12,000 miles.

Overall, Chris & Annie’s trip will absolutely make us jealous, and for this, we can’t wait for it to begin.

Chris & Annie, from the bottom of our hearts here at RS Motorhomes, we wish you a pleasant journey and a safe trip back home!

See you soon!

Chris & Annie Tossel


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