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There is nothing quite like hitting the open road and having your very own home and the comforts of it at the back of your vehicle.

With motorhomes or caravans, travelling long distances is no longer a problem. One of the most basic reasons for that is the fact that you can now take some time off the steering wheel at any point of your journey.

As you park on the side of the road, you have plenty of decisions from which you can choose from. You can have a proper sleep if you feel tired, or have a shower if you need a bit of refreshment.

Not only you don’t have to worry about the location you are at, or whether you should wait for another hour or two until you reach a destination with a proper bathroom, but in fact, your co-passengers (and especially them) can have all the comforts of a home while travelling.

Maybe you could even consider switching driver roles with your company so that you are on the move and still spend time showering.

So for the above reasons, it goes without saying that, although both motorhomes and caravans provide a certain level of convenience, each individual could choose a motorhome over a caravan, for a number of different reasons, varying from cost to mobility and agility.

Below, the advantages and disadvantages of each are briefly discussed.


Differences & Similarities.

To be fair, both solutions are quite cost oriented. Often than not, and on average, a motorhome would be slightly more expensive to a campervan.

One of the main reason why this applies is because of the fact that a caravan does not include a working engine, but on the flipside, requires a car so that it can be mobile.

The good thing with caravans is that most of the automotive audience who is interested into travelling, and especially into camping, probably own a car already. But that market is probably not into travelling as motorhome owners are.

Since owning a motorhome is quite demanding, and to some extent, it feels like owning more than a second car, only those who understand the benefits of having a motorhome really embrace the idea of it.

People who prefer to buy a motorhome have a very different profile from those who would prefer to buy a caravan.

To begin with, on average, motorhome owners tend to travel more often, and for longer periods. Such owners are willing to visit more places in one go, stay there and explore the place (or even go to places that weren’t on the initial travel plan), because they feel more confident and agile.

Of course, a lot of this attitude has to do with the facilities a motorhome can provide. Just to give you an example, an average motorhome tends to have lots more of room in terms of storage than a caravan.

Both cases, though, could be a real trouble for you if you have nowhere to park them during inactive periods. As we mentioned in another article of ours, motorhomes need to be taken care of when they stay inactive, even when stored properly to a garage.

In general, unless completely destroyed from usage, both have a good after purchase value. However, a motorhome will not depreciate in value as fast as a caravan. This means that you can potentially get most of your money back from your investment, should you decide to resell it.

To sum up, convenience-wise, a motorhome appears to have a major benefit, when compared to a caravan. A motorhome is the second home for many travellers, and those who set out to travel long journeys tend to prefer it.

It’s a solution if you want to travel with your family or friends conveniently without having to arrange more than one vehicles unless you are a really large family!

Differences between a Motorhome and a Caravan?


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