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Camping is an easy and economical way to travel and explore the rich history of the English countryside.

The legend of King Arthur hangs in the national consciousness somewhere between myth and reality. Many have read the legends, and the images of the round table and the sword in the stone hang tantalizingly in the imagination for children and adults alike.

A camping holiday is the perfect way to explore the legend further, and you can easily create your own medieval adventure by following a journey through the famous sites from the stories. Taking a luxury motorhome on your Arthurian journey is a great way to ensure the weather won't spoil the magic of the legends. Motorhomes give you the ultimate freedom of movement while still providing a proper bed to sleep in each night.

Day 1: Wroxeter

There are many sites across the UK where you can explore the Arthurian legend for yourself. Camelot, where Arthur is famously said to have held court is thought to be located in Wroxeter in Shropshire. Excavation of this area has unearthed an ancient city and castle.

The Ebury Hill camp and caravan site is only 15 minutes from here and is a great place to spend your first night.




Day 2: Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle

If you travel 2 hours further south-west you can arrive at Mitchell's Fold stone circle in Shropshire, thought to be the place where Arthur pulled the sword from a stone.

There are many campsites here, the closest being The Old School Caravan Park.




Day 3: Glastonbury

In Glastonbury, which is another 3 hours south through Wales, you can climb the Tor, a steep hill that was once surrounded by water and is said to be the mysterious Isle of Avalon. The folklore surrounding this site claims it has a secret passage to the underworld and is also thought to be the resting place of King Arthur. The Glastonbury Cottages and Caravan Site offers accommodation very close to this site.


Day 4: Tintagel and Camelford

If you're hungry for more, you can continue to travel on your Arthurian legend into Cornwall. It will take 2h30m to drive from Glastobury to Tintagel and Camelford castles in Cornwall, which are both rival locations for the court of Camelot. Tingagel has the Headland Camping and Caravaning park close to this beautiful bit of coast.


From here you can also visit Bodmin moor which has several sites related to Arthur; the Dozemary pool is the lake where legend says that Arthur's sword, Excalibur, was thrown when he was defeated by his nephew Mordred.


So you can see that you don't need to go on an exotic holiday when there is such a fascinating story to explore here in the UK! By taking a luxury motorhome, you will have the chance to unearth this wonderful history whilst also getting to see some of the most beautiful bits of the English countryside.


You can find more information on the English Heritage website

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