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The world is a vast and beautiful place. It is so vast that you cannot explore it in one lifetime and so beautiful that it will challenge your imagination. Unfortunately, most people do not get a chance to explore the globe in spite of the numerous opportunities to do so. Some lack the money and others the time to do so, and others simply cannot afford to leave their homes behind.

However, it is possible to travel the world from the comfort of your home; and even to carry your home with you when you practically do it. You do not have to leave the comfort of your living room to explore the world with these hacks:


Watching Documentaries

You can explore the world through your TV by watching travel documentaries of other countries and cultures. Networks such as National Geographic and Discovery World have many detailed documentaries on important aspects about different countries: their wildlife, architecture, culture, religion, and even wildlife.

Movies, although fictional, are anchored on the setting's culture and way of life. Music also gives great insight into a foreign culture.


Read Books

You can also use your imagination by reading books on foreign culture; focus on world travel books. Fictional novels also have a lot to reveal about other countries as long as the setting is foreign.


Browse the Web

The internet is a virtual portal to virtually every part of the world. You can get up-to-date with developments in other parts of the world simply by typing a query into the search engine. The internet is full of websites on travel and exploration that document the diversities in the world; check out the Matador Network.

Most importantly, however, the internet can connect people from every part of the world, and one-on-one interaction is enlightening if you are interested in other people's cultures. You can socialise with anyone from anywhere in the world on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Try Out Foreign Cuisine

Different cultures and nations have unique cuisines that are at the core of their being; for instance, the Britons are popular for their fish and chips while Koreans are popular for their seafood. Consequently, one of the best ways to connect with foreign cultures is to try out their cuisine.

There are many ways to try foreign cuisine without leaving home or town. If you are not good at cooking, consider visiting restaurants that specialise in foreign foods such as Chinese and Indian restaurants. If, however, you do not mind trying out your cooking skills, then get foreign recipes and prepare foreign dishes to precision.


Make New Friends

The world has become somewhat a global village as numerous people have migrated to other nations. However, foreigners tend to hold on to some aspects of their nations: language, mannerisms, culture, and religion, among others. Interacting with foreigners can be enlightening, so do not be shy to make new friends from other countries.


Travelling the World with Your Home

There is a saying that reads: "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain"

While staying at home, and travel with your mind can be a good mental exercise, real travelling has far more benefits than sitting at your home. 

If you feel that homesick while travelling, there is a solution for you. You can literally travel the world and still carry your home with you.

The way into this type of travelling can be achieved by getting yourself a motorhome which can be customised according to your own needs.

Travelling with a motorhome, you can bring in everything that you want to have around you, everytime, decorate it as you wish, and still have a comfortable life when travelling.

Exploring the World from Home

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