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If you do not plan to make use of your motorhome during winter, it is important for you to take some precautions when storing it. The purpose of storing is to ensure that the motorhome is kept safe and secure over the winter time.

Why store your Motorhome?

There are many reasons why you might want to keep your motorhome safe. Where you keep your motorhome is an important factor that can determine its durability and safety status. You can either keep it in a caravan winter storage parking or at the garage of your home.

Having your motorhome kept safe, first of all, reduces the risk of having it (or things from it) stolen. Secondly, it reduces the chances of having condensation and mildew formed within the motorhome. If this happens, you are going to find it hard having your motorhome prepared for next season.

Parking places to avoid

It is important that you avoid parking your motorhome at places with obvious risks such as parking beneath trees or at a place with a high water table.

Before deciding where to store your motorhome, take a look at the security and safety measures the place has in order to ensure that they meet the insurer’s standards.

If your plan is to store it at your home, make sure you pay attention to thieves. Should you safeguard your motorhome at your own place, you should take extra security measures such as: locking your garage gates and installing sound alarms into both the garage and the vehicle itself.

You might also want to install security lights that turn on when somebody approaches the garage gates. For extra safety, installing a CCV system always reduces the chances of being robbed.



Pay attention to the Security System

If your motorhome has an electronic security system installed (sound alarm or tracking device systems), ensure that they are always powered on and they are fully charged. Bear in mind that system batteries should be occasionally changed in order to avoid any inconveniences.

There is no use in relying on alerting systems that might fail to inform you in time due to power insufficiency.


Pay attention to the Water System

Draining down the water system is really important. It helps in tilting the motorhome so as to drain the valves located at the lowest point. Drain the on-board tank, the grey water tank, and the external pump. Don’t forget to drain all the water from the toilet and the external showers.

Make sure that the pump is turned off and all taps and showers are a half way opened. Also, remove the shower handset and shake it well, leave the tube and the head on the shower tray.

Don’t forget to clean the basin and the shower while you are in the shower room. You should also put plugs in the drains as it will prevent you from having funny odours at the motorhome’s interior.

If you are not sure where the valves are situated, read the manufacturer’s handbook to make an informed decision. 


Clean the Kitchen

Clean the fridge with the help of the manufacturer’s guidelines and leave it open. The fridge door should be left open for a short period. Clean the grill, oven, and the hob one last time.

Empty and clean all cupboards run around with a vacuum cleaner remembering the upholstery and curtains.

Remove the soft furnishings if you have a dry or warm place to store or move them to allow air to circulate them. DIY stores moisture that absorbs crystals that help reduce the risk of condensation.

If you rely on the mains, depending on the heating installed, run it on a low setting to remove the chill. For extra safety, remove the gas cylinders and store them in a cool and ventilated place.



Remove other valuable documents l ike the insurance certificates and the ownership handbook among others and keep them with you.

You may visit your motorhome occasionally.

Finally, check when your insurance is due, lock the motorhome and store your keys safely.

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