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Have you ever wondered travelling was made for you? What we mean is not travelling for the sake of going from one place to the other, but rather feel the adventure with your friends, communicate with the locals or even enjoy the sounds of silence.

If this type of travelling is what you like then, travelling with a motorhome might be the best case for you. Using a motorhome, you are able to travel anywhere you want both in country and abroad staying for as long as you want (or your supplies are efficient).

But before your journey becomes the adventure you always wanted, it is quite essential to understand what are the things you should take care of before jumping right into the action.

Factors like daily budget, supplies, petrol, tolls and other scheduling factors play a huge role on how your trip is going to look like.  


Full Time Travelling?

Although it may look nonsense for some, there are people who travel full time, and by full time we mean all year long. Should you want to travel full time, you should be able to answer whether you are going away for one year or two (as a break) or if you are going to live like this forever.

Doing so, will help you clarify how your current assets are going to be handled. Say for example you decide to leave for more than 5 years. What are you going to do with your current house? Will you try and sell it or will you keep it until you return back from your trip? Do you have enough funds in order to support your 5-year long journey plan or not? Will you need to work for a couple of months (or years) first and then give it a go or are you ready to do it now? These are all psychological and planning questions you need to ask yourself (and your companions) should the time comes where you decide if you are going to have a long term or a short term journey.


Friends Matter.

Are you going to take that trip on your own or with friends? Depending on the reason you are travelling, in most cases it is better to have a companion to travel with. Whatever situation you might fall in you will face it together. It’s better for two (or more) people to handle a difficult situation rather that with only yourself.

Not only you are able to share your experiences as a real human being, but also you have someone to live the experiences with. When you are with someone the experiences you get to live suddenly become more personal and more vivid into your mind.

Picking a friend for long journeys is hard task itself. You need to have someone with you that is as “crazy” as you are. Someone who is willing to get through all the difficulties you might face while journeying. Someone who even if you fight over something the next think you talk about you are still friends and are not mean to each other. You just need to have faith and trust your instinct.


Money Matters.

Another question you may need to ask yourself is if you are okay leaving most if your day to day habits in order to travel around with your motorhome. It could be fairly alright to leave some of your friends behind you, but have you thought about your job? Have you found a plan that will support your travels no matter where you might be?

If you haven’t sort out how you are going to make a living while away, you might want to consider having a look on those elements first.  


Something you might need to worry.

What happens after you journey ends? What will you do then? Will you continue travelling or will you want to stand down for a bit and take it from there? You need to have an initial idea of what you will want to do after your journey ends as this is going to play a huge role after your journey ends.

This will play an important role for example on whether you are going to sell your house, or rent to someone for the time you are going to be away.


Travelling is for everyone.

To conclude with, we believe that traveling is for everyone, just not in the same way. There are many types of travellers and many kinds of tourists. Every single person has different purposes for travelling. Others travel for spirituality while others for sightseeing, others for a couple of days while others for a couple of years.

However, full time travelling requires a lot of planning and commitment. You should be ready to leave lots of comforts behind and make this choice consciously. But if this is what you were made to do in your life, then nobody should stand in your way. Not even yourself.


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