April 15, 2016 at 1:46 PM

Motorhome holidays are great fun and super convenient, so whether you are new to the world of motorhome travel or a novice, check out our ten top tips & tricks below

1) Size matters

Budget, traveller numbers, and provisions should all be taken into account when choosing the size of a motorhome. Space should be maximised wherever possible, so choose wisely. A weekend trip crammed up in an overloaded motorhome is one thing but the novelty will wear off quickly on a longer tour!

2) Driving a motorhome is different from driving a car

Motorhomes are large vehicles, they handle differently, are slower, and tough to park, even for experienced motorhome drivers. Have a test drive before choosing your motorhome, and then see what it’s like. Drive carefully and use the truck service station area on motorways and local car parks: ask for help when reversing or parking up.

3) Plan your journey

Take your time and set realistic journey distances. Your bed for the night is just behind you so chill out, be courteous and considerate of your fellow passengers and the public, it’s not a race!

4) Make use of campsites

Why not enjoy WC’s, showers, restaurants, laundry facilities and campsite services hook ups? Don’t be a slave to your stove, use the facilities.

5) Carry a spare gas cylinder

Finding a gas cylinder supplier last thing at night can be a challenge, so carry a spare gas cylinder, and get your empty one replaced at your convenience.

6) Store your provisions well

All outdoor activities risk sharing your provisions with the local wildlife, despite your best efforts. Keep food in sealed containers, keep your kitchen area clean and well ventilated, and dispose of your trash regularly.

7) Packing takes longer than ‘five minutes’

Allow adequate time to pack up when leaving, see if you’ve left anything behind. Ensure your things are well stored, dried as much as possible, and don’t leave things lying around on the floor or the worktop.

8) Carry a tool kit

After a first aid kit, a basic tool kit should be near the top of your packing list along with some repair tape and string. You never know when you’ll need them.

9) Don’t be elitist

Whether you’re driving a humble and aged motorhome or a top of the range model, make friends with your neighbours and offer your help. This makes everyone’s life that little bit more pleasant and down the road when you’re the one with a problem, help could be on hand for you when you need it.

10) Look after your motorhome

Check your motorhome over regularly. Consider covering it over winter with a custom cover, keep an eye on the tyres, keep the interior and its appliances regularly ventilated and clean. Look after your motorhome and it will look after you.


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