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Motorhomes are used for a variety of purposes depending on the user. Some use it as a temporary way of travel, renting them for familiar and travel purposes, others use it as a vacation getaway a few times a year, and the most talked about it - commuting in a motorhome as well as living permanently on the road.

Contrary to popular belief, for those who are able to enjoy and take it, a motorhome is actually a comfort rather than something to be hexed at and avoided. Motorhomes aren't anything like the ones in the movies; they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as are specific to occasion. A ‘RV’ or ‘motorhome’ used for vacation time probably won’t be made in such a large and spacious living area, however those that are truly used in every sense of the word ‘home’, are made to fit the requirements of full time living in a comfortable and orderly fashion.

Travel Element

A huge positive to owning or even just renting a motorhome is the experience and adventure that awaits while travelling to wherever the destination is set, if any is set at all. The sights that are seen are marvellous both inside and outside the motorhome. Since the motorhome has it all already inside, travelling and gawking at marvel's is a lot easier than before, it is safe and protected from the dangerous unknown wilds of travel. Sunsets and sunrises would be daily and so close to sight that you would think you could reach up and grab it for yourself.


The price for living in an RV/motorhome is relatively low. Rather than paying for electricity, water, and a constant mortgage, the necessities are with the motorhome that is truly home. With the amount of electricity being used, the motorhome definitely affects the number by decreasing it using it’s bio-friendly ways. The average motor home costs approximately 20,000 to 50,000 GBP and more actually depending on its features already set into.


Money, though important, isn’t the most interesting and uplifting positive or pro, rather it is that motorhomes are designed fully for a great time, and taking it into accordance that everyone is different. The built in beds as well as carpet are usually comfortable and perfect for those with a destination hours away and thoughts of rest clouding judgment.
For those who are more active, there are motorhomes with built in radios, special areas, and those specially rented and designed for those with ‘wild child’ fever, that run with the wind and keep all the doors unlocked. This motorhome has it all, comfort for those exhausted and in need of sleep as well as music blaring, television playing and entertaining start.

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