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A motorhome is just like any other road vehicle and needs to be regularly serviced and maintained to a high standard. It also needs to undergo a yearly MOT.

However, servicing a motorhome is slightly different to that of a car. Below we share useful information on servicing your motorhome, the type of MOT that is required and how you can prepare your vehicle for the safety checks that are needed in order to pass the MOT. 

Specialist servicing

When it comes to the servicing of your motorhome, by law it needs to be serviced on an annual basis. The work needs to be done by a specialist workshop who have knowledge of motorhomes, and who stock the relevant parts and products from the manufacturer.

When you choose to get your motorhome serviced, very much depends on upon its mileage and recommendations stipulated by the manufacturer.

What happens during the servicing process?

The living area will have its own separate service carried out that will include safety checks in relation to the supply of water, electrical systems and gas if it is used. The fridge will also need to be serviced. The exterior of the living area will also be checked for any cracks or leaks and the inside will be checked for damp. The rest of the service will include all the usual safety checks of any car, including the checking of brakes, suspension, steering and engine checks.

Which company should I use for my annual service?

Servicing a Motorhome is a specialist area and you need to be careful about the workshop or dealer that you choose. RS Motorhomes is a specialist company and urge that you consult the National Caravan Council (NCC) and Approved Workshops to ensure that you choose a reputable company.

What type of MOT does my motorhome need?

This is an area that confuses many owners. What is important to know is that motorhomes in the UK are registered as motor caravans with the DVLA and as such need a Class 4 MOT test.

For further Information regarding MOT costs and classification for motorhomes and RVs, please find information over on the Gov.UK website.

How to prepare for the MOT

Ideally, regular servicing of your vehicle should ensure that it is in a safe and reliable working condition. However, there are a few checks that you can carry out yourself prior to the MOT, including:

  • External checks for corrosion or cracks.
  • Internal check of the living area.
  • Check on the steering, suspension and brakes. 

If you encounter any problems, it is probably a sign that you need to have your motorhome checked by an approved workshop prior to the MOT.



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