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If it happens that you travel around the Northern part of Europe with your Motorhome, and you would like to visit one of the Scandinavia’s countries, take some time and plan your trip towards Norway.

In order to get to Norway by car, you’d have to cross the Copenhagen - Malmö bridge as it is the main road where Central Europe is connected to North Europe. Once you arrive in Malmö, take the E6 road towards Göteborg. Following that route for six and half hours will take you to Norway and Oslo.

Norwegians love the great outdoors and if you are lucky enough to own a motorhome, then you too can enjoy the breath-taking scenery that Southern Norway and the Fjords have to offer. Ideally, you need to set aside at least five or six days in order to get the most out of your visit.

Below we have created a six-day road-trip plan for when traveling in this beautiful country via your motorhome. If you thought that you would never be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Norway from the comfort of your motorhome, then think again! Norway is perfect for that journey of a lifetime.


Day 1 - Oslo

Your road-trip will begin and end in Oslo. As the capital city has many attractions to offer the visitor such as Vigeland Sculpture Park the Viking Ship Museum and Frognerseteren, that is a popular destination for enjoying a day's hiking, and skiing in Oslo. Of course, there is also a variety of restaurants and cafes to eat in with fantastic views of the Fjords.



Day 2 - Kristiansand

Situated on the southern coast, Kristiansand is roughly a distance of 320km/3 hours. Beautiful wooden houses can be seen dotted along the shore and there are ample opportunities to enjoy the water via boating or fishing, as well as walking along the coast. It is the fifth largest town in Norway and provides the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the views.




Day 3 – Stavanger

The next day sees you traveling to Stavanger, at a distance of 230km/2 hours. This beautiful coastal city is steeped in a rich cultural history and offers everything that you would expect from a major city. Enjoy the harbour restaurants and the 18th Century architecture. Most importantly enjoy the stunning views of the Nordic Fjords.



Day 4 – Bergen

The following day involves traveling 230km/2 hours to the city of Bergen. As well as all of the wondrous museums and galleries, Bergen also boasts Mount Fløyen, that gives fantastic views of the city and the surrounding area. One place that must be visited is the Fish Market, as well as the harbour cafes.



Day 5 – Geilo

Following a drive of 240km, you will arrive in the little mountain town of Geilo, that is best known for its outdoor pursuits and natural beauty. Geilolia Summer Park is well worth a visit as is Hallingskarvet National Park with its hiking trails and whitewater rafting opportunities.


End of tour, back to Oslo

On your drive back you will pass mountain lakes and various bicycle trails for you to enjoy. So perhaps you could take a break and enjoy the scenery before you arrive back in Oslo, and make your journey home.

For more information and inspiration about traveling in Norway in your motorhome, please visit Norway.

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