October 31, 2016 at 3:00 PM

RS Motorhomes proudly attended, the Motorhome & Caravan Show.

Our stand, as you can see from the images below, was designed in such a way that would allow our customers to freely walk around the vehicles without any disturbances.

Rs Motorhomes at the Motorhome Caravan Show 2016

Potential buyers who were interested in learning more could express their concerns or questions at a separate office space that was built especially for this reason.

One could notice that our stand this year was larger than the one we had last year. This year’s highlight was the fact that we managed to have a larger number of demonstrated vehicles.

In our stand, you could find the Equinox MX model (small van conversions), the Elysian and Endeavour models (mid-sized vehicles) and the Evolution range (which was of our largest showcased model).

Naturally, all eyes turned on the Evolution range which was the trademark of our stand.


Evolution Model, the crown jewel of RS.

Overall, the Evolution model was the attention grabber. This majestic motorhome stood there like a jewel and as expected, it generated most of the buzz.

We felt that taking the Evolution with us would be an amazing opportunity for our customers to fully experience with our brand and our level of service we can provide at their best.

We also thought that including the Evolution model, wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Indicative feedback which pretty much summarises the experience our viewers had with the Evolution was: "That is what you call a motorhome" or “Dream Motorhome”.


Motorhomes for the disabled.

Apart from the models described above, we also managed to have with us a second Endeavour, with the only difference that this was specifically designed for the disabled.

As expected, family members who either had another disabled member or were themselves disabled, had a high interest towards this model.

The major feedback after demonstrating the functionalities of the model was how helpful and easy it was for them to access the vehicle.


To sum up, we feel that the Motorhome & Caravan Show was a great success. We managed to meet new people, hear what they had to say about our products, get feedback, and most importantly listen to the problems motorhome customers have.

We always like to keep an ear on the market to understand how we can best improve our products towards our customers’ benefit.


Rs Motorhomes at the Motorhome Caravan Show 2016


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