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We are once again enjoying the Holiday season throughout the United Kingdom. While most of us look forward to spending some much-needed time away from work with family and friends, the frosty air can still leave much to be desired. It should, therefore, be no surprise that countless families choose to take a hiatus from the doldrums of winter with the help of their motor home. Should you hope to spend some time underneath a warm and inviting sun, it is a good idea to look at a few popular holiday destinations that are certain to provide the comfort and relaxation that you deserve.


Costa del Sol

Located in the southern portion of Spain and not far from Gibraltar, Costa del Sol has been an attractive holiday destination for hundreds of years. The pristine shores of this coastal town are flanked by the inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Temperatures in winter are still known to reach up to 30ºC on occasion and during most days, the sun will remain high overhead within a cloudless sky. Another attractive quality of Costa del Sol is that it echoes a decidedly British flair; most venues here speak English and you will always feel as if your home is just around the corner.


The French Riviera

Why not enjoy a cross-country trip in your mobile home to the famous French Riviera? There are numerous sights here and the iconic coastline is known for housing some of the most luxurious hotels in existence. However, money will be of little concern should you drive here. You can cruise the coastline and find some truly quaint locations that are perfect for an afternoon coffee or a relaxing dining experience. Be sure to visit cities such as Cannes, Nice and St-Laurent-du-Var. A journey inland will provide you and your family with stunning views of the foothills of the Alps. Arriving here with a motorhome is a great way to avoid the throngs of tourists as well as to forego the decidedly bustling public transportation systems.


Portofino, Italy

Literally translated as meaning "fine port" in English, Portofino is one of Italy's best-kept holiday secrets. A picturesque harbour is lined with bespoke boutiques and wonderful eateries should you wish to enjoy some traditional Italian cuisine. These are then punctuated with pastel-coloured houses and an ancient castle known here simply as Castello Brown. A short drive with your mobile home allows you access to rolling green hills which are ideal for snapping a few panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


These are three excellent holiday destinations for anyone who is looking to take the chill out of the air and enjoy the welcoming Mediterranean sun. With the help of a motor home, travelling to any of these locations is quick, easy and comfortable. For more details or to appreciate the selection of vehicles that RS Motorhomes provides, please feel free to contact us directly. With the holidays just around the corner, there has never been a better time to plan ahead!


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