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Given how scenic and beautiful the UK is during spring there really isn't a better way to do some exploration than by road on an RS motorhome. Spring in the UK really brings out the best of the countryside with its greenery and sprawling hills as well as the coastline with its long stretches of sand and coral. After the long harsh winter, it's time to move about and do some much-needed exploration of the country. While the UK has plenty of places you can visit, there are a number of places that have distinguished themselves from the rest due to how beautiful they are and the experience they give you.


Lake District

Lake District offers you a surreal plunge into the beauty of a fast changing landscape. You'll get to experience both a relaxing and breathtaking drive as the road winds through hills and valleys before plunging down into the town where you can easily park your motorhome for the night. Whether you'll be driving up a steep slope or cruising along the lush moorland the beauty of the landscape never changes.

Lake District


Llangollen, Wales

The roads in Llangollen are stunning no matter where you choose to go. Choosing to travel to either Betws-y-Coed or Cerrigydrudion will unravel a number of routes to you that are nothing short of breathtaking. If you simply love cruising through countryside then you take the A5 Westward and enjoy the serenity of the long stretch of heathland past Llyn Brenig.

Llangollen Wales



The beauty of Devon is to be found in the chain of hills that scatter across it, the stretches of heath and ferns. While driving at high speeds isn't encouraged in Devon, this rule certainly won't be a problem since travelling in an RS motorhome largely favours travellers who are more interested in taking in the landscape. An important sight to look forward to is how beautiful the landscape is at sunrise and sunset.



Mountains of Mourne, Northern Ireland

The perfect place to begin your trip would be around the George Best Belfast City Airport. You'll proceed from there and cruise along the Antrim coast road while enjoying the view of the sea. You get to observe the breathtaking change of the landscape as you travel from the lowland areas close to the sea and move up all the way to the Mountains of Mourne. You can also take a detour and visit Ulster and sample its rich history of kings.

Mountains of Mourne

The best part of travelling around the UK in your RS motorhome is that you get to have plenty of fun and be comfortable at the same time. It is a second home after all.

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