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Welcome to the world of super-expensive and super-luxury motorhomes. This article is probably the one that will let you stunned for the rest of the day.

These super-luxury motorhomes are only accessible to a few people, nevertheless they are impressive. Just be aware that to drive these in Europe you may have to have them fitted with legislation-compliant equipment as well as having a bus driving license.

2015 Entegra Coach Cornerstone (£292,825)

The first motorhome we’ll present is the Entegra Coach Cornerstone, worth the price of a nice house in the middle of the English countryside, this motorhome is just impressive. Weighting over 24 tonnes, 44’ 11” long (11 metres), 155” high (3.94 metres), this motorhome comes in three variants the 45B, the 45J and the 45K. Powered by a 600HP Engine and fuelled by a 567 litres tank, this road monster is equipped with a real shower, 1 king size bed, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. This motorhome is a driving hotel suite. It is fitted with some of the latest driving and entertainment technologies. If you wish you can also add a satellite dish on the roof.


Country Coach Magna 630 (£313,651)

Another massive motorhome, this time from Country Coach. Built around a 650HP Cummins Engine this motorhome is equipped with a Garmin GPS Navigation System, a satellite receiver, a fully fitted kitchen, a king size bed, a double built-in electric awning and solar panels to produce your own electricity.



Unicat MD58hv-Family (£315,544)

Not your traditional motorhome, but simply the perfect vehicle if you plan to go off-road during your holidays. If you have ever dreamed to travel around Africa or Siberia this is the vehicle you need. Built on a Mercedes Zetros 4x4 chassis it is powered by a 326HP Euro5 engine. With a 300 litres which offer an autonomy of up to 2,000 miles (roughly 3,200 km) you can easily consider a few weeks out in the wild. It is also fitted with a 600 litres freshwater tank, a kitchenette, two bunk beds and a queen size bed, the seating unit can also convert in an additional bed. Just for you not to stop you getting lost it’s fitted with a Garmin GPS Navigation System and CB radio just in case. The MD58hv is pretty much the size of a 7.5 tonnes lorry so you’ll probably need a C-class driving license.




Monaco Dynasty 45P (£369,660)

Built around a 600HP Cummins ISX Turbo Diesel engine the Monaco Dynasty 45P is a palace on wheels. This 44’0” (13 metres) long monster is built for motorways and high quality camping. Equipped with a king bed, a full bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette as well as a sofa bed and 4 slide-outs it is fitted with built-in electric awnings. When on the driver’s seat you may feel like you are about to fly a jumbo jet considering the overwhelming presence of electronics.


Neumar King Aire (£466,150)

Built around the 600HP Cummins ISX Turbo Diesel engine, the King Aire is a real king of the road. Definitely a symbol of luxury, equipped with a luxurious tiling and furniture as well as a king bed and sofa beds. It also has a fully fitted kitchen, can produce its own electricity via six solar panels powering the batteries. The base entertainment package is simply stunning including two TVs, a wireless router, a satellite dish prep on roof, cellular remote access and an incredible Bose® sound system.


Prevost Country Coach (£631,088)

Built around the 500HP Volvo D13 Diesel Engine, this 45’0” (13.72 metres) long monster is built to ensure its passengers the highest levels of safety and autonomy thanks to 946 litres fuel tank. Fitted with the industry’s most advanced driving systems. This Canadian-made motorhome is one of the grand motorhome designs to make the most out of your holidays


Foretravel IH 45 (£820,414)

Build around the 600HP Cummins ISX15 Diesel Engine the Foretravel IH-45 is an amazing motorhome. Hosting a Queen-size bed in the master bedroom and equipped with a fully fitted kitchenette, a luxurious bathroom, a full entertainment kit including an in-motion satellite system surrounded by a handcrafted cabinetry, this little 5-star-suite on wheel will allow you to travel in style.


Prevost H3-45 VIP (£1,009,740)

Powered by the Volvo D13 500HP engine the 45’0” (13.72 metres) long is the most advanced and most luxurious recreational vehicles built by Prevost. Equipped with all you need to enjoy great holidays it is decorated with precious materials and made for touring.


Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus (£1,577,720)

A real Beverly Hills Mansion on wheels based on the Prevost H3-45 this vehicle is modified to include the noblest material such as Inca marble, Onyx, Swarovski crystal and much more. It can also host your car just under your bed.


Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo (£1,893,264)

Finally the World’s most expensive motorhome! A real land yacht of 45’0” (13.72 metres) and high 13’0” (4 metres), built around a Volvo 600HP 6 cylinder in-line engine, that unique model is probably the only motorhome featuring a Roof Terrace, but as images are more evocative than words have a look at the video.


We know all these motorhomes are unique but if you don’t have the financial capacity to spend that much the RS Elysian is a great compromise associating both luxury and style.

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