October 21, 2015 at 5:18 PM

The United Kingdom has always been known for its vast expanses of land, its pristine beauty and its stunning natural settings.

Not only will owning a motorhome enable you to experience such locations in their unforgettable allure, but the entire family can travel in style and comfort. Let us take a look at a handful of the top destinations that should not be missed during your next excursion.

The Lake District

Perhaps one of the most famous regions in the entire country, the Lake District is known for its rugged sense of wonder punctuated by quaint villages that time has seemed to forget. One reason why it is perfect for those who own mobile homes is that there are numerous camping locations throughout the area. Keep in mind that as this is also the largest natural park within England, the Lake District is ideal for families and friends that enjoy an active lifestyle. Lake Windermere and Lake Coniston are especially beautiful.


The Norfolk Broads

Why not enjoy the maritime history of the United Kingdom by driving your motor coach up to the Norfolk Broads? Tranquil windmills dot the countryside and you can park your vehicle along one of the many rivers here to enjoy a lazy lunch with the family. Towns such as Cromer should not be missed, as the people are friendly and the history runs deep. Fans of crab will not be disappointed either; this region is known for some truly delectable dishes.




Take a visit to the region where Harry Potter was filmed! One of the best aspects of owning a motor home is that Northumberland can hardly be accessed by foot. This rough countryside exhibits its own sense of natural beauty. While the winds may be howling outside, you can remain curled up inside the mobile home and enjoy seemingly endless panoramic views. Or, you could instead choose to take a drive down to many of the pristine beaches found here and watch the mesmerising waves. Be sure to check out the town of Craster and its famous selection of kippers (small herring).


The Isle of Wight

A ferry from the mainland to this popular island is the best way to arrive and there are normally discounted rates for those visiting with a mobile home. With no less than 380,000 square kilometres of travelling to be enjoyed upon your arrival, this is a dream for anyone who enjoys seeing the natural sights in style. Ventnor is a coastal town that should always be included in your itinerary before moving on to the coastline or taking a look at the famous Cowes Marina.


Of course, this is but a small selection of the sights to be experienced with the help of a quality motor home. Thanks to these amazing vehicles, you can enjoy all of the modern conveniences while creating memories that will truly last a lifetime. Travelling in a mobile home could not be more exciting or rewarding!


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