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When buying a vehicle, especially when it comes to Motorhomes, we always look to buy the one that fits our character and aesthetics. Throughout the years, motorhome owners learn how to take care and protect their vehicles from the wear of time. They try to upgrade its facilities and increase their comfort levels based on their needs.

Experience has shown that different owners need different things inside a motorhome. Despite this, we are now pretty sure to say that came up with a commonly accepted list of Do It Yourself Tips (DIY) that are going to increase you motorhome life quality, and, will give you the chance to get rid of this old feeling of your motorhome that you do not like anymore.

Personalising your motorhome is one of the ways to further love your property and live all your experiences with it to the extreme.  

To get you started here is the list of the DIY simple tips that will completely alter your comfort experience and the relationship you have with your motorhome.


Install solar panels.

This isn’t as big job as it sounds. It, indeed, requires a bit of financial investment, but, solar panels can turn your trips away into no-holds-barred adventures. You don’t need to worry anymore about electric hook-ups, or find “better”places just for electricity reasons. You can now park anywhere: on top of a mountain,  on the side of the river etc.


Carpet your walls; velcro your stuff.

A really easy job that will make a huge difference. If you carpet your walls and ceiling with a just a thin carpet you’ll have a warm room, a durable wall, and a tactile surface that will look and feel good.

If you then attach velcro to your towels, small bits of kit, window blinds etc. they'll stick to your walls. Magic!


Label your cupboards.

This is the job that will save your life from chaos. Although that this is an obvious practice in order to save time, motorhome owners seem to so easily forget it! Knowing at a glance which cupboard has the batteries and which has the shower gel, will save you hours of frantic searching through every hidden space.


Add storage.

Most motorhomes have a wardrobe space; Why not use at its full potential by installing plastic drawers set (usually sold for bathrooms)? They are more efficient and less annoying than coat hangers are.


Under-bed water storage.

If your motorhome has a permanently set bed, use the narrow space under the bed as a place to store your water bottles. A simple wood plank across the front will prevent all bottles from rolling out. This way you’ll be able to free lots of space from the cupboards you so desperately need.


Black out blinds.

Cut black out material for each window or skylight- make sure it's a bit larger than the surface it's going to cover. Add Velcro to the edges so it can stick on the carpet walls easily (as mentioned in tip no 2).


Magnetic paint.

Another easy job that's sheer magic. Paint parts of your toolbox (or the place you keep your needles, nails, etc.) with magnetic paint. If they spill, they'll stick.


Install one-way mirror film.

A fairly simple job that is well worth it. One-way mirror films cut down glare as they also improve the levels of your privacy. Mirrored windows are also ideal for wildlife watching since they are able to transform your motorhome into a hide.


Add a fan.

Wall mount a fan somewhere out of the way, and you'll truly appreciate your investment on those hot nights when you won't be able to sleep.


Keep your log safe.

Smart campers keep a journey log containing notes on where they've been, their recovery/insurance details, as well as numerous telephone numbers. Your notes can be either handwritten or kept in an electronic device (such as tablets, laptops, phones etc).

No matter where you keep those, you have to make sure they are safe. These are your journey’s lifeline, you can’t loose them. Create a simple fabric pouch, attach it underneath your wall cupboard so that you always know where your log is kept whenever you need it.


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