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If you regularly use a motorhome, you will know what a versatile machine it is and the freedom that it can bring for you and your family. Like any pastime, travelling by motorhome also has its own particular quirks and the odd challenge along the way too, which can take the unwary by surprise.

If you are new to the world of motorhomes, the following tips will help your voyage go smoothly. And even if you have been using one for years, you might just learn a new trick or two!


1) Be adventurous

Before we get into the serious tips, let’s get the mindset right. Travelling by camper or motorhome is all about that pioneering spirit. So explore new places, and when you arrive at a site, use the fact that you have wheels at your disposal to really check out everything that the area has to offer.


2) Watch your corners

If you are more accustomed to driving a car, it can be a bit nerve-wracking getting behind the wheel of a motorhome for the first time. You soon get used to it, but the next thing to watch out for is over confidence. Once you’ve driven it for a couple of hundred miles, it is easy to think you’ve got it mastered – but then you have to park it. There is no shame in asking an assistant to get out and guide you in. Far better than clobbering a pillar, or worse, someone else’s car.


3) Big, but not spacious

The other thing that new motorhome users are quick to notice is the “reverse TARDIS” effect. It is definitely bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. Of course, this is because it is stuffed full of furniture and beds, but it means that storage space is at a premium. So travel light.


4) Gas up

There is nothing more annoying than running out of gas. Well, actually there is, and that is running out of water, but while water is easy to come by, you can end up wasting half a day of your holiday sourcing a spare gas cylinder. Pack a spare and you won’t have to think about it.


5) Use the site facilities

Your motorhome probably has a toilet and a shower. That’s great, but if the campsite has them, use those instead. Not only will they be more spacious, but also you will save yourself the hassle of dealing with the waste tanks. After all, you’re supposed to be on holiday!


6) Cover her up at home

One of the beauties of a motorhome is that unlike a caravan, it need not spend 50 weeks of the year sitting around doing nothing, as it can be used either instead of a car or perhaps as a backup or second car. Having said that, many motorhomes find themselves sitting around without much use in the winter months. If yours falls into this category, buy it a cover to keep it protected from the elements and to stop the roof turning green. 


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