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Home is where the heart is. However, often, in the pursuit of our dreams, we are forced to disengage from our homes to unfamiliar environments. For some individuals, setting out to chase their dreams in the form of travel at the expense of a familiar environment may often not play out well with their budget and individual wellness.

Rs Motorhomes identified this niche and came up with a product that ensured an individual is in touch with a familiar environment, that is, home, without foregoing their goals and ambitions. A motorhome is simply a home running on wheels and an engine. It can traverse long distances by road making it suitable for individuals who wish to travel undeterred by the limitations of unfamiliar territories.

Components of a Motorhome

A motorhome is fitted with most of the facilities in a normal home. It has a living area, which includes a dining area, lounge area, kitchenette, and sleeping area. To keep these facilities running, it is also equipped with gas, electricity, heating and water system.

Gas Systems

The equipment found in motorhomes such as heaters, stoves and refrigerators run on propane gas, which is compressed and stored in metal containers resembling balloons. Due to high flammability, Propane gas should not be exposed to open flames. If the gas runs out, it can be easily refilled at a gas station. However, it is imperative to note that open flames should be completely extinguished to avoid explosions that may lead to serious injuries and in worse scenarios, fatalities.

Heating Systems

Just like a normal home, a motorhome requires proper heating systems to counter the effects of extreme weather patterns. A motorhome has three heating systems positioned in the air conditioning unit, driving cabin and gas furnace. The gas and electric boiler serve as water heaters, but in more advanced motorhomes, solar panels are fitted.

Electrical Systems

Motorhomes are fitted with two batteries. One of the batteries is used to operate the engine while the second battery, commonly referred to as the deep drain battery, powers other electrical appliances such as the water pump, interior lights, and refrigerator. The batteries are charged when the vehicle is in transit. For individuals whose equipment demand larger sources of power, an external power source such as a generator is fitted.

Accommodation/Water Systems

Motorhomes offer accommodation in the form of bunk beds or folding beds, depending on the size of the vehicle. They are also fitted with kitchen facilities, which include sinks with running water, stoves and refrigerators among other equipment. Additionally, they are equipped with three water tanks, one for fresh water (white water) while the other two carry waste water (black and grey water)

Motorhomes vs. Normal Cars/Big Vans

Motorhomes are much larger than big vans and normal cars. Their design in construction also varies, as motorhomes are inclined towards comfort. Normal cars and big vans are suited for mobility and cost efficiency.


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