May 30, 2017 at 10:40 AM

There can be few sensations more liberating than hitting the open road in a motorhome. The knowledge that you can pull up and enjoy a different view every day and that you are taking your accommodation with you makes it one of the simplest yet inspiring inventions devised.

Comfort and luxury

Talk to someone though about motorhomes, and they get the idea that going away in one involves roughing it, even living in squalid substandard conditions. Nothing could be farther from the truth with an RS Motorhome! A decent motorhome can be every bit as comfortable as a top notch hotel or cruise liner cabin.

Everything on board

With everything on board from an ornate dining area to a plush bathroom to ultra-comfortable sleeping facilities, what's not to like? Modern entertainment facilities built in mean you and yours are fully equipped to take to the open road in comfort and style.

Enjoy other outdoor pursuits

Motorhomes often lead to a host of other healthy pursuits too. Hiking, biking, canoeing all lend themselves to the lifestyle that accompanies motorhome living. Owning a motorhome can be just the ticket to getting back to nature while not compromising on comfort.

Less stress

You don't have to worry about where you will eat either. With your well-stocked cupboards and onboard cooking facilities, you have everything you need whether you're heading on a well-planned excursion or even a last minute adventure. 

With tighter and tighter security these days at airports, you won't have to queue worrying about whether you've packed all your liquids appropriately and all the other worries that come with flying. A motorhome can be a passport to many stress-free holidays. 

Choosing the right model

Of course, your experience depends largely on the state of your motorhome and which model you choose. Choose one that's too small for your needs and you compromise when it comes to comfort. Choose one that's too big, and you may find driving down narrow leafy lanes a challenge. Getting the balance right is crucial to the enjoyment you get from the experience.

Best of both worlds

Some motorhomes on the market now easily give a luxury hotel and a swanky ocean liner cabin a run for their money. Owning a quality motorhome gives you the best of both worlds. The great outdoors outside, and luxury and comfort inside. Not many holidays can guarantee that! What could be better than enjoying a walk amidst nature's glorious handiwork, whether it be stunning mountainside views replete with lakes and forests, or wide and expansive ocean views, then coming back to unwind in your luxury motorhome with all the comforts of a city hotel? You'll soon see why some opt to live in them full-time!

The possibilities are endless. Whether it's a quick weekend away or a more epic adventure, owning a motorhome affords you the opportunity for holidays that without one simply wouldn't be possible.

So motorhome holidays don't mean roughing it. With the right choice it can mean having the freedom to go where you want, and within reason sleeping where you want for a fraction of the price of a hotel, while enjoying facilities every bit as good. Facilities and comforts that are uniquely yours. With an RS Motorhome, many happy holidays await.

Why is it important to live in a comfortable motorhome

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