January 23, 2017 at 4:52 PM

The roads at this time of year are icy and wet, which at times make driving conditions particularly hazardous. Even though you may be a careful and experienced driver, when it comes to navigating the roads in your motorhome, there are always things you can do to improve your safety whilst driving in the winter months. Below we have some useful tips to keep you safe on the road. 


1) Check your demister and protect the windscreen

It is very important that you check your demister is working properly and that you do not pour boiling water over the windscreen, as doing so could potentially crack the glass. In colder weather, it is best that you protect the windscreen with a windscreen shield, or alternatively by using newspaper or cardboard. 

2) Antifreeze check

it is a good idea to get your local garage to carry out an anti-freeze check on your motorhome. As an added safety measure, it is also wise to top up the motorhome's windscreen washer bottle with a strong concentration of de-icer fluid. 

3) Driving distance

This may seem obvious, but it is vital that you increase the travelling distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Ideally, you need at least three motorhomes-sized distances, in case you need to suddenly break. 

4) Motorhome overhaul

it is vital that you regularly check your vehicle and that a full service is conducted before the colder weather sets in. The last thing you want is to break down in the middle of a snowstorm. Oil and water checks need to be carried out, as do checks on your motorhome's tyres. Ideally, you should use cold weather tyres with the correct thread for your vehicle. Having 'bald' tyres is illegal, and more importantly are dangerous, as you could easily slip and slide oh icy roads. 

5) Be prepared for adverse weather conditions

High winds Driving in high winds is one of the major causes of road traffic accidents involving motorhomes. The general rule is to slow down and to be aware of other lorries and high sided vehicles on the road, which can create extra drag. If you do find yourself in extremely strong, high winds, then you need to pull over and wait for the winds to die down

Flooding The UK is no stranger to flooding, and you need to prepare yourself for this inevitability. Keep an eye out on the weather, and if there is a chance of localised flooding, it's best not to travel. A motorhome is not a boat! 

The best piece of advice for staying safe on the winter roads while driving your motorhome is to use your common sense. 

Make sure your vehicle has been fully serviced for the winter weather and that you check the weather forecast before your planned journey. Stay safe! 

Winter motorhome driving tips

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