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Please find below a selection of frequently asked questions relating to the ownership of an RS Motorhome:

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Q: Does my motorhome come with a warranty?
A: Your RS Motorhome is offered with a 12-month RAC vehicle warranty and 5 year body and chassis warranty (where relevant) alongside the manufacturer warranty on the base vehicle (for Iveco vehicles this is 3 years or 100,000 miles, for Mercedes-Benz Vans this is 3 years unlimited mileage, for Mercedes-Benz Trucks this is 12 months full warranty, 2nd and 3rd year drive line up to 250,000 kilometers).

Q: Does my motorhome require servicing every year?
A: In order to maintain your RS warranty and protect your investment, you must have your vehicle serviced annually by our servicing department. We strongly recommend that you continue to have your motorhome serviced by ourselves, even after the warranty has expired.

Q: Does my motorhome come with breakdown cover?
A: Your motorhome will come the the standard base vehicle manufacturer new vehicle breakdown cover.

Q: Who can carry out warranty work on my vehicle?
A: All warranty work must be carried out by our dedicated service department at RS Motorhomes.

Q: Is the warranty transferable to new owners?
A: Yes, the warranty is transferable providing the terms and conditions have been adhered to. You would need to send your details along with the vehicle details and the details of the new owners to us. Please note there is an administration fee.

Q: I require technical information about by motorhome, who can help me?
A: We would always recommend that you contact our technical department. We can then advise on your query.

Q: Can I purchase parts from the factory direct or do I have to go through another dealer?
A: Yes, you can purchase parts from the factory direct. Please contact us with your requirement.

Q: What if the parts are no longer available?
A: If the original part is no longer available, we will advise on a suitable alternative where possible.

Q: Can I purchase a new vehicle direct from the factory?
A: Yes. As we are both manufacturer and dealer you can purchase your vehicle direct from the factory.

Q: Is it possible to see my vehicle being built on the production line?
A: Unlike most other motorhome manufacturers, each RS motorhome is hand crafted and we welcome customer visits (by prior arrangement) to see your vehicle in build.

Q: I have a question regarding my electrical system, who can I contact?
A: In the first instance it is best to contact ourselves, our technical department can then handle your query.

Q: If I fit air suspension to my vehicle will it increase my payload?
A: The fitment of air suspension will DECREASE your payload as the air bags and associated ancillaries will have a specified weight. The benefit of air suspension is the ability to alter your vehicle ride height. This can be beneficial when boarding ferries and help to reduce body roll. Certain air suspension systems are available that can be fitted which can increase a vehicle's payload, these are extra cost options.

Q: What is the maximum weight allowed for persons using the over cab bed (if fitted)?
A: The maximum weight for occupants of the over cab bed is 100kg per person.

Q: What measures do I need to take to prepare my motorhome for winter?
A: If you plan to store your vehicle over winter, it is important that you drain all the fresh water. This is achieved by opening the dump valve on the water heater and making sure you open all the taps in the kitchen and shower areas to clear any water from the system. You would also need to dump any water stored in the fresh and waste water tanks before switching the water pump off

Q: What should I do with the window blinds when a vehicle is in storage?
A: If you plan to store your vehicle for a period of time. We advise that the window blinds are left in the open position. After a period of time, the window blind material may obtain a "memory" which could affect the smooth operation of the blind.

Q: Can I walk on the roof of my motorhome?
A: On our larger vehicles it is possible to walk on the central area of the roof for access. But for safety, the roof of the vehicle should not be used as a viewing platform.

Q: How do I charge the vehicle battery whilst on site?
A: The vehicle battery can be charged when plugged into a 230V source on site by selecting the vehicle battery on the control panel. Ensure the charging unit is switched on, and that once the desired battery level has been achieved, that you switch back to the leisure battery. Failure to do this could damage the vehicle battery as they are not designed to generate small amounts of power over long periods of time.

Q: What do you recommend for cleaning my carpets?
A: Carpets can be cleaned using mild soapy water or a good carpet cleaning fluid. We don't recommend using bleach or other aggressive household cleaning products.