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Is it the end of free parking for Motorhomes?

Free motorhome parking - Is it over?

After Lincolnshire it's the turn of Yorkshire to put pressure on motorhomes.

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Motorhome used in record charity trek around Britain's coast

A 40-year-old man will attempt to be the first person to travel the 2,740 miles of British coastline.

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The RS Blog is now live

RS Blog is now live! Come visit

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New Gearbox on RS Endeavour

RS Motorhomes are delighted to reveal details of the new Iveco 8 speed Hi-matic (fully automatic) gearbox available on the new RS Endeavour.

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Motorhome and Campervan Buyers

At RS Motorhomes we purchase used motorhomes and campervans, we offer keen and competitive prices.

We are a family run business and our brand is synonymous with offering quality and excellent customer service. Therefore RS Motorhomes are the trusted name that many people turn too when they wish to sell their used motorhomes in the UK.

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The Different Types of Motorhomes

There are many different types of motorhomes on the market today, ranging from micro motorhomes right up to American sized recreation vehicles or "RV's".

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RS Readers Design Workshop

We recently ran a competition for the readers of Practical Motorhome to help design one of the new RS models that we will be launching next year.

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