Augmented reality for motorhome travellers

Designed to help people explore with greater confidence wherever they are, Skyline is free with the latest version of the ViewRanger app. It is available now on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Skyline identifies peaks, towns, lakes, cliffs, bays and even glaciers up to 20 miles away through a phone or tablet’s camera and overlays their names across the landscape. When navigating a pre-planned route, waypoints and directional arrows also appear, offering an accurate and enhanced navigational experience.

To use Skyline, download and launch the latest ViewRanger app update, tap the Skyline button on the map screen, and pan the landscape in the modified camera view. 

Skyline works without phone or data signals by using the GPS sensors built into mobile devices to understand your location and position. It also uses offline maps that can be downloaded and saved to your device before leaving home.

Skyline identifies 9 million points and works across 80% of the globe, essentially everywhere except the northern and southern Polar regions.


 Augmented reality for motorhome travellers

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