European rule changes for motorhomes

European rule changes means more motorhome payload

For once, none will complain about EU regulations

The amount of available payload specified in UK-built motorhomes is expected to increase for 2016 models thanks to a change in the rules and regulation set down by the European Standards Committee. This has come about because the European Standard for Motorhome Payload is in conflict with the European Directive for the Masses and Dimensions of vehicles. As the Directive ranks higher in European law making, the Standard has now been withdrawn. The reason this makes a difference is because the Directive itself has recently changed in how it takes into consideration water when travelling.

Most British manufacturers, including firms like Elddis, have quoted available payload figures when the water tanks were at full capacity. As one litre of water weighs one one kilogram, this was often over 100kg being removed from the available payload. The new wording in the Directive says that the manufacturer can specify how much water is in the tanks when travelling to get a Mass in Running Order figure and thus the available payload. As the manufacturer would be required to install a second drain tap set at the level of any figure other than empty, the reality is that a motorhome will either be specified with full tanks or empty tanks.

News article courtesy of Out&AboutLive

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