Is it the end of free parking for Motorhomes?

Free motorhome parking - Is it over?

After Lincolnshire it's the turn of Yorkshire to put pressure on motorhomes.

Huttoft, Lincolnshire

A year ago, the authority erected barriers and said it would have taken 40 owners to court for breaching by-laws

Local Councillor Colin Davie, executive member for highways had said: "Over the last few years we have had illegal camp sites set up on this terrace - with some abusing the locals and the other tourists who come here. They should not be subjected to intimidation from a small group of freeloaders who are simply here intent on not paying for anything."

However Andy Strangeway, organiser of motorhome owners said: "These are law abiding citizens who have a right to park there - just because somebody doesn't like something is not a reason to discriminate against them. The barriers are not legal and this by-law will be overturned and we look forward to this being put to a court of law."

The polemic was just starting however this year it is Yorkshire that enters the game by introducing clampdowns following the protest of the tourist industry leaders.

We can then wonder about the future of motorhomes parking in the country. Come on people you are spoiling the pleasure to go on holidays with a motorhome!


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