Motorhome city restrictions from France

Planning to travel to major cities in France? Be aware of the new Crit’Air legislation!

Crit’Air is the equivalent of a low emission zone (LEZ).

It operates via a vignette system whereby you have to pay to travel within a certain area. The aim is to reduce pollution, particularly in “hot spots” such as city centres.

Officially launched last July for vehicles travelling in Paris from the Boulevard Périphérique to the city centre, Crit’Air schemes were also introduced for Grenoble and Lyon at the end of last year, with more cities expected to follow soon.

The system will separate vehicles into six categories depending on their Euro emission classification, the type of vehicle, the fuel it uses, as well as the year of manufacture to determine the class and colour vignette that you will receive.

Foreign-registered vehicles, including motorhomes, that fail to display a vignette in Paris from April could be fined between €68 and €375.


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