Motorhome market increased sales levels

During last year the UK recorded more than 10,500 new motorhome registrations. The number of sales during 2015 reached the levels of prerecession levels which were the highest annual figure since 2007 and the third best for the past 16 years. 

This was the result of a steady year-on-year sales growth since the market bottomed out in 2011 when 7,000 new motorhomes were bought.

Since last year, new motorhomes sales increased by over 21% in the UK alone. 2014 had 8,733 new motorhomes registrations while 2015 had 10,572. This makes the UK one of the fast growing markets in Europe with growth results above 20%.

The successful market and the currency difference between Euro and Sterling presents the UK market as the ideal place for the European manufacturers to invest on. It is considered that UK sales in 2016 will be even higher when compared to 2015’s.

Source: Out&AboutLive

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