New Gearbox on RS Endeavour

RS Motorhomes are delighted to reveal details of the new Iveco 8 speed Hi-matic (fully automatic) gearbox available on the new RS Endeavour.

The new HI-MATIC automatic transmission has been designed to guarantee maximum performance and lowest running costs, whilst ensuring unbeatable comfort, superior performance and low fuel consumption. Thanks to the availability of 8-speeds, gear shifting is now faster and even more accurate than standard 6-speed transmissions, guaranteeing engagement of just the right gear at any engine speed in less than 200 milliseconds for unbeatable performance always at its best. 

Electronic control also allows for two operating modes, which are functional to the specific mission needs: 

• ECO – for smooth, low-speed gear shifting to enhance comfort and keep fuel consumption low. 
• POWER – for faster, higher speed gear shifting to achieve more precise gear engagement and a sporty driving style.

The EcoSwitch function that modulates the torque, the EcoMac smart cooling system and the alternator that operates only in the energy recovery phase all contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption of 5,5%.

Ask our sales team for further details.

This new gearbox is very sought after and has received excellent feedback.


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