Overnight stays are now allowed for motorhomes in Blackpool

If you intend to visit or even pass through Blackpool in your motorhome, you’d be glad to hear that the city is going to allow motorhome travellers to stay overnight from April 2016. The overnight stay will cost £6 for 12 hours enabling you to have a convenient night’s rest.  

Blackpool city doesn’t allow any parked motorhomes on the street. Instead, you will have to use the Banks Street, Faxhall Village, Gynn Square or Lytham Road car parks which are also good locations where you can park your motorhome overnight.  

The Seasiders and South car parks are multi-use car parks, where you can also stay overnight. Be aware though that because they are multi-use car parks, traffic might be increased and potentially they might be best to avoid.

You should take into account that there are only 40 bays in regular car parks and these must be shared with coaches.

Source: Outandaboutlive.co.uk

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