RS Motorhomes Films With Sky

In the summer of 2016 RS Motorhomes embarked on a very exciting project after we were invited to be featured in Sky’s brand new TV series Ultimate Processes. This was not just exciting for employees at RS but it was incredible feat for the company. New and exciting projects like this mirror the substantial growth that RS has experienced over the recent years.

At the beginning of August we welcomed the arrival of a film crew sent on behalf of Sky. As well as the abundant amount of filming kit, the crew also brought along a very excited and enthusiastic TV presenter called Francesca. Who throughout the week of filming, explored the different stages within our production line that make up the overall manufacturing processes of RS Motorhomes.

Filming commenced in our state of the art design studio before making its way to the CNC router where pieces of extremely high quality sheets of timber are cut to form the interior furnishings of the motorhomes.

After which followed fibreglass and the chassis stage. The fibrglass proved fascinating for the film crew as Francesca was eager to get involved with one of our fibreglassers and demonstrate how the process works for camera. She shared a similar desire to get stuck in, in the chasses stage as she took part in constructing the swan neck braces that support the garage space and the bedroom at the rear of a brand new RS Evolution.


The final stages of filming the manufacturing process took place in the joinery shop where the crew observed how furniture designed in design, cut in CNC cutting and assembled in joinery finds its place alongside hundreds of high quality components in a motorhome.

As well as filming inside the factory, we also took to the road to really show what our products are capable of. We firstly ventured out in the 18 tonne RS Emotion, which when followed by multiple support vehicles with several cameras attached, turns a lot of heads. We were able to show just how easy the 40ft Emotion is to drive considering its colossal interior size.

To achieve all the shots that the crew needed, multiple Go Pros were secured to the surrounding panels of the Emotion whilst in motion. A state of the art camera gyro was also mounted to the exterior of a camera vehicle which provided the extremely smooth overtaking shots.

After we returned we unpacked the gear, parked up the Emotion and headed back out onto the road in the Equinox. With Francesca at the wheel she was easily able to show off just how easy this particular vehicle was to drive and with a couple of shots in the back, that was a wrap!

After Sky had completed their intense filming they was soon back on their way to the next shoot in the Ultimate Processes calendar. However not before suggesting plans of returning next year with the plan of heading into Europe with an RS Model for an additional TV show.

You can catch The Ultimate Processes series which is out now on Sky channel INSIGHT (564)! RS Motorhomes will feature on Thursday the 5th of January, 2017 at 9pm.