Sat-nav embedding Dash-cam launches for motorhomes

Aguri, a transport mapping specialist, is launching a new sat-nav specifically designed for motorhomes.

The Motorhome & Caravan RV500, loaded with motorhome & caravan routing plus the full European roadmaps, can be used instantly with no further installations.

The good thing about the RV500 is that it can create and plan routes which are the most suitable for your motorhome. If you know your vehicle’s dimensions, for example, the software will be able to come up with a route with which you avoid legal height, width restrictions and many other hazards.

Apart from these, the RV500 also provides you with over 31,000 campsites and motorhome stopover locations across whole Europe. It also comes with a built-in HD DVR dash-cam designed to record your drive.

Here, you’ll find more information about the Aguri Motorhome 7 caravan RV500 DVR.


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