Take a Steamy Break with the Caravan & Motorhome Club

The Caravan and Motorhome Club offers a variety of campsites across the UK that are located near to and alongside sites that have railways with steam trains running. This classic form of transport has a certain feel of nostalgia and classic British elements. Enthusiasts and families alike are elated by the sight of classic steam trains, and these sites prove very popular with caravan owners and motorhome owners. Famous steam trains include the Flying Scotsman and The Rocket, the engine of which was designed by Robert Stephenson back in 1829.

Visiting the correct parks provides the opportunity to travel the railway lines and experience some of the sights and sounds of the glorious English countryside. The Littleover club site is located in Loughborough, which has the UK’s only double track mainline heritage railway. The Grand Central railway in Loughborough is on the old rail routes that linked together key cities across the UK, and passengers can expect to witness rolling hills and beautiful landscapes.

The Coed-y-Llwyn site in Wales is perfect for access to Snowdon Mountain railway, Snowdonia is the highest mountain in Wales and stretches 1,085 ft. Travelling along the railway provides stunning panoramic views of the beautifully preserved Snowdonia national park.

The Springhill club site is also a very appealing prospect for holiday goers to enjoy something a little different and experience the sights offered by the nearby Churnett Valley railway in Staffordshire. Located between Stoke in Trent and Uttoxeter, the Springhill club site provides easy access to Churnett railway.

The Barrow Hill Roundhouse Steam Gala is an event that presents the opportunity for visitors to see the Flying Scotsman and the Rocket, among many other classic steam trains. The Norwood Farm club site for motorhomes and caravans provides the perfect location for holiday goers to see the Barrow Steam Gala and return to a nearby site that is set among England’s natural beauty. 


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