The RS EnvoyMore than a motorhome, it's a work of art, crafted to perfection

RS Envoy


Built Without Compromise

Every Envoy that RS constructs, is as individual as the owner and their requirements. It can be built to suit a host of applications from motorsports of all kinds, or adapted to go on a round the world expedition to discover new horizons.

The absolute pinnacle of luxury is defined in this vehicle, a statement of pure opulence, refinement and individuality. Envoy is the culmination of years of experience from over 50 highly skilled master craftsmen. It’s state-of-the-art onboard technologies combined with traditional craftsmanship have allowed RS to produce a real gamechanger, a vehicle that has raised the bar in quality and desirability. 


Envoy is the signature RS motorhome, an icon which remains unmatched and un-rivalled. The overall design expresses the duality of ultimate luxury and touring capability in a distinctly RS way.

The exterior, with it’s sleek and imposing bodywork, boasts several storage lockers and easy access to Envoys’ ancillaries. If motorsport is your passion, a spacious garage unit can be specified to carry motorcycles, karts, jet-ski’s, even motorcars.


If you require a bespoke vehicle built to your exacting specification, please call contact us to discuss how Envoy can be adapted, so you can realise your vision. Call us on 01777 933 130.


As you enter Envoy, you are immediately immersed in opulent luxury. It’s a three-dimensional work of art, with a welcoming environment where you feel at home instantly, no matter where you are in the world.

The spacious living area is adorned with supple leather which can be specified in any colour the patron wishes. Large roof lights and windows allow light to flood in creating an area to bring your senses to life. A large high definition television paired with a satellite dome, DVD player and immersive surround sound compliments this already amazing area. Air conditioning also comes as standard on Envoy to ensure the habitation area remains exactly how you like it.

The kitchen is exceptionally well appointed with a full-size cooker and hob, microwave, sink and copious amounts of storage space which all work together to enable exceptional cuisine to be created.

Once you enter the washroom, you are presented with a room which is only experienced in five-star hotels. The opulent and spacious area has a large shower cubical, lavatory with electric flush, chrome towel rail, glass wash basin and vanity unit.

The bedroom is located at the rear of Envoy where the patron can relax and unwind. Envoy can be specified with either a double bad or two singles, but with either layout, there is plenty of space in which to store clothing. Included is also a television which is connected to the main satellite system and has it’s own DVD player.

Envoy is also fully winterised to -30 degrees centigrade and fitted with underfloor heating and Alde heating system, so wherever you decide to go on your next adventure, you can be sure that you will always be comfortable.

For extra space, you can specify your Envoy with a slide out which extends the living area by a significant amount. This is deployed by the touch of a button on the main control panel and couldn’t be easier to use.



With sleek lines and dominating presence, Envoy stands out as impressive and magnificent. Wherever you go, people will take notice.

You can fully customize your Envoy with the option to have the pod sprayed and we offer various sticker packages, so your motorhome can be as individual as you are (*Please ask for details).

There are several storage lockers available located around the outer edge which are ideal for extended touring and carrying all the equipment you may require. If you choose the garage option, you can further extend the carrying capacity of Envoy. It is large enough to carry motorcycles, Jet-ski’s and anything else that you need to take with you.

It can be fitted out with tool cupboards, tough chequed- plating on the floor and anchor points. An electric entrance step can also be included to make entry easy.

Envoy comes with a tow bar and electrics fitted as standard, and with a tow capacity of over 14 tonnes, taking a trailer with you is easy.