The ultimate motorhome

With an enviable specification and a luxury finish the RS Emotion is the ultimate motorhome. The Emotion is not only gigantic in proportions but it’s also big on personality. Our largest model in the range built on an 18 tonne Mercedes-Benz Antos chassis which caters exactly to your requirements across all applications giving ample power to operate this goliath motorhome. This is all thanks to a comfortable cab, responsive and dynamic powertrain configurations featuring fuel-saving, low-emission EuroVI engines, as well as extremely safe, solid driving characteristics.

The engine provides up to 510 bhp, and a wide selection of precision-matched transmission and axle combinations, meaning no matter where you venture this motorhome, you will never come stuck as the internal strength of the Antos is transferred precisely and efficiently onto the road.

To make sure that the engine’s power is transferred to the road with minimal losses, there are six different transmissions to choose from for all heavy-duty operations. Whatever driving style you use on any terrain, the all new Emotion chassis components are designed to provide an immensely greater feel in practically any driving scenario.

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A dynamic drive configuration

Combined with the range of perfectly coordinated drive axles and the wide choice of ratio variants, this means that the Emotion is able to offer a dynamic drive configuration with spontaneous response for every journey possible. Whether you’re on a beautiful stretch of road in the south of France or a rainy field in Cornwall. This machine will always deliver.

With innovative steering gears helping to improve the steering kinematics which enables you to drive with greater sensitivity and precision. The Emotion is fitted with air suspension to provide unrivalled comfort whilst on the road. The Mercedes Antos chassis is now even more rigid and wider enabling the Emotion to be effortless to drive with particularly better roadholding and ultimate driving pleasure.

The Interior

As you enter into the cab of the Emotion you will find a fabulously comfortable and unbelievably spacious driving area, so comfortable that you will never want to leave. The new Emotion boasts a workstation that is built for more than just a Motorhome. It caters exactly to the driver’s needs making it easy to drive with great precision in any condition.

The new interior design of the Emotion alone is enough to produce a relaxing effect with its pleasant sense of spaciousness. The asymmetric cockpit is designed around the driver, and its ergonomic layout is ideal for staying relaxed and focused at the wheel making your adventure in the Emotion even greater. The Emotion also boasts four innovative slide-outs to give you maximum living space and has enough room to sleep ten people. However the main strength of this vehicle is its sheer size. Standing at 39.6ft (12.1 metres) and a staggering 13.1ft (4 metres) high, the RS Emotion stands out from the rest.

Relax in comfort

The four fully retractable slide outs deliver even more living and bedroom space is achieved. With six TVs both interior & exterior, over four games consoles and endless amounts of home comforts the Emotion provides the best place to wind down and relax in comfort. At the centre, the vehicle houses the bathroom area containing a fully fitted shower room.

The RS media pack

Create a real feel of exclusivity and keep all your family and friends entertained by adding additional enjoyment, function and convenience to your motorhome by choosing to opt for the RS media pack providing all the technology you love at home, anywhere in the world.

To make every venture extra memorable you can relish at the rich sound of all the RS media solutions. The Emotions living areas is the perfect environment to experience its state of the art surround sound system with the whole family. Sky television accompanied with a SMART TV come as standard with the RS Motorhomes media pack.

Innovative storage

The Emotion also offers several storage facilities including an enormous workshop space with enough room for over 4 motorcycles if needed and 12 external body lockers including an outside television and refrigerator. These innovative storage and technological solutions have been specially designed to create an enjoyable driving experience and a spacious fully equipped luxury living space.

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